The Day Jamari Fox Had

today turned out to be such a beautiful day.
i legit had a really nice day.
i woke up with a whole attitude tho.
i had to meet with the head hunter at 1-ish.
even though i wasn’t in the mind frame,
i still put together a fly outfit

a light blue dress shirt
a dark blue and maroon skinny tie
khaki dress pants
maroon scarf looped through my belt loop
brown shoes
no socks
pants rolled up a cuff


i had to make it work today even tho this is a couple seasons old.
i can’t afford a new wardrobe right now.

when i left the crib,
it was absolutely beautiful outside.
summer was definitely giving a teaser for whats to come.
the office was down in the rich part of the city.
i felt that energy immediately.
it was nothing but jaguars and bored rich housewives.
after i filled out the paper work,
the receptionist and i made small talk.
it was like we knew each other for years.
that’s the thing with me.

I love talking to people

when the head hunter came,
she said how the receptionist said i was “amazing!!!”.
note to the foxhole: always be respectful to the receptionist.
they are the first point of contact and can make/break you.
the head hunter was a pretty snow bunny with a very warm spirit.
we took to each other immediately.
we talked about everything under the sun.

tv shows
new yawk

…and then the jobs she had available.
i told her how i’m not trying to get tied down again.
i want something simple and chill.
she said she had the perfect job and will keep me in mind for it.


even if i don’t get it,
i’m glad i went.
i wasn’t scared of filled with anxiety as i usual am.
this time,
it felt natural and easy.

I’ll have more of that!

i ended up walking around the city after and just exploring.
it’s amazing the energy you get on the first hot day of the year.
new yawk can be a great place once you get your personal shit in order.
i can’t wait to see what else is coming next.

lowkey: i said to myself earlier…

“if i can be amazing to the receptionist,
imagine how amazing i’ll be in my career?”


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11 thoughts on “The Day Jamari Fox Had”

  1. I thought all of New Yawk was the Rich parts with them high rent prices, although I’m use to Benzs, Beemers, Audi’s, Range Rovers and the occasional Lamborghini down here in the DMV (Sips tea with pinky extended lol). But forreal New York is on my bucket list really soon, this year if God’s Willing. I hear wall street is filled with coke heads masquerading in fancy suits, is that True? And how do the average joe afford to stay up there like what industries pay decent up there?

    1. ^nah its a different story in manhattan.
      they gotta be making good ass money to live down there.

      lol it’s something like that down in Wall Street.
      you gotta search real hard to find a good spot in the city.
      most move to jersey and commute into the city now.
      any industry can pay well if you budget good.
      40-50k don’t even make you comfortable,
      but that can get you a room or even a few roommates lol

    2. You have to move out to the outskirts like the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn. Hell, even New Jersey. Although those locations are also expensive, they are more “reasonably affordable” than Manhattan. And to really make your money work for you, if you can you have to get out of the rental market and into a mortgage, whether its on a condo or co-op.

  2. Love you had a positive day , not surprise you wowed them (you usually do ). Hope they make the right choice and scoop you up

  3. Grown Man shit in effect! Own what you want, it’s the shortest distance to happiness. Interview THEM for sport to keep your game sharp, and find out what else I out there that may interest you. Rock On!

  4. At least you are still putting in the effort to find another job. The process can be draining and it ran ruin the psyche of anyone, but you have to keep moving forward. An opportunity will come up in the near future.

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