Ramses Principe Takes A Good Picture

foxhole fav,
ramses principe of “mia fitness”,
is trying hia paws at modelling.
^that is one of the new shots he put up on his ig.
here are the rest


i’m front and center!
i’d like more ramses!
he has potential for fitness modelling.
we are missing the best feature of his tho:

ramses made an appearance on king jemes snap for his birthday.
that whole wolf pack took a little trip on a boat.
well ramses had one these nice fitting swim trunks.

When I say his tail was beyond CRAZY????

i’ll always allow ramses!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Ramses Principe Takes A Good Picture”

    1. ^I WISH!

      i didn’t want to screenshot because you know snap will let a pineapple know.
      he had one these green shorts.
      he was walking in the background and his bunz where moving on their own.
      then he was leaned up on this bar and it was just a big ol chunk of booty meat sitting up.

      ramses is big bunz bae.

  1. I love it when someone’s ass moves on its own when they walk without them trying. It is 1000x sexier than anyone twerking. This is why I think older bottoms and thick bottoms are hot. Their asses are worn in and sag in just the right way. They shake nice when they walk, get fucked or smacked.

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