The Truth Behind The Vegas Shooting Victims?

these forests keep on getting wilder and wilder.
can we even go outside anymore?
my notifications were lit up like a christmas tree this morning.
every news source sent alerts about the vegas massacre.
i didn’t even hit the next snooze alarm.
all i could do was lay back down.
twitter had videos and pictures.
this is one i saw:

did she know to duck?
look at this fool @ 1:00:

you know who he is?

  colossas from the x-men.

it was crazy af out there tho.
it really had me feeling sad,
but a foxholer sent me a message this evening about most of the victims…

most of them were trump supporters,
involved with the nra,
and supported white supremacy

i mean,
it was a country music concert.

after reading that,
i wasn’t…
as sad anymore.
i was kinda like…

is that wrong to font that out loud?
it sucks that they lost their lives in such a tragedy,
but it’s very ironic with the circumstances.

 lowkey: even knowing they were down for him,
i bet trump still don’t care.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Vegas Shooting Victims?”

  1. You know? Humans really disgust me. Like your stupid friend said he doesn’t care about Puerto Ricans because they are “Trump supporters” and didn’t stand with the BLM even tho you can Google search Black Lives Matter Puerto Rico and see that Puerto Ricans does support the group. Then people telling you “Oh those people deserve it because they are Trump supporters and white supremacists.”

    White supremacist is such an overused word that really lost it meaning. Anyone can be white supremacist now because that how much it’s being used.

    There’s literally no proof if they are or aren’t white supremacist lmao. I know U.S. Americans are fucking dumb but I didn’t realized they were that dumb and maybe because U.S. Americans are fucking stupid that they lost their ability to have compassion for another human being. This stupid tribalism mentality is getting way out of control. Like I’m Catholic but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to talk or help a non-Catholic. That’s idiotic.

    I agree with Sixtree about this hate shit. Everybody need to take a fucking chill pill. Let go of your ideology/tribalism and just relax. We don’t need anymore hate in this world. Believe me, we have enough of that already. What we do need is a little bit more of love, tranquility, and hope.

    Whatever happened to being mature? Being the bigger person?

    P.S. tell your stupid ass friend before he starts making accusation about Puerto Ricans. He should asked when will hetero black folks start chanting “Black Lives Matter” when a gay/trans black person is gunned down? Those black folks are more silent than a lamb when a gay/trans black person is dead.

  2. So because they were Country and Western fans you feel less sad? WOW So how are you different than people( Black, White, Republicans and Democrats) who were apathetic after the Orlando Shooting?

    Well many of my relatives in East Texas are Country and Western fans. They own horses,wear cowboy boots,etc.
    I just saw a picture of a black Vegas Metro cop who was off duty and at the concert.I guess he was a country music fan and he’s dead.Just like the straight people who died at Pulse night club.

    I am sad for everyone who died,Black,White,Straight,Gay,Democrat and Republican.Maybe I am weird.

    1. Yet again, I agree with you YC. It doesn’t matter who’s out there, this is atrocious any way you spin it.

  3. Saying that they were trump supporters and deserved it b/c most of them was white supremacists is just a way to justify the same type of hate that those very ppl use. So if they wad black at a hip-hop concert we shouldn’t feel sad cause they was probably thugs? It’s literally exactly like Lindo and YC said, just the same attitude as those who don’t care about the Pulse victims or those who turn a blind eye to the cop killings. This isn’t about politics it’s about human life. There were ppl there who were not trump supporters or white supremacists, but just like country music or just so happen to have been in Vegas. There were literally ppl who had to take complete strangers bleeding out in their cars to the hospital. In that moment nobody gave a fuck about who you voted for, it was about saving the life of a person who might have been fighting for their life. Whoever suggested that to you needs to realize that there are some situations where politics and race do not matter and we have to come together and just show some humanity.

  4. Don’t make assumptions. At no point did jamerie say that these people deserve to be gunned down. It’s a fact that country music fans scew conservative. Therefore it’s not far fetched to assume these people are republican, pro trump and pro gun. There is irony in this situation, I think that is what Jamari is referring to and not that these people deserve to die.

    Ps not having strong feeling about this tragedy is not the same as saying these people deserve what they got. Furthermore, before people get on their high horse about people being callous, we are all cAllous. People die everyday without us giving it any thought. We all pick and choose what we get emotionally invested in. Just like all the people that can watch a black person being gunned down on the news and not bat an eyelash.

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