let’s give a flower or two to those coming out as trump supporters

coming out can be a difficult decision for most people.
you are revealing something about you that you kept hidden in fear.
some will accept,
but the reality is that you may get banished.

Imagine coming out as a Trump supporter?

the moment you claim trump,
you can expect mass unfollows and invites being lost in the mail.
¬†trump supporters decided to use “coming out day” for their purpose.
a foxholer sent me this…

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The Truth Behind The Vegas Shooting Victims?

these forests keep on getting wilder and wilder.
can we even go outside anymore?
my notifications were lit up like a christmas tree this morning.
every news source sent alerts about the vegas massacre.
i didn’t even hit the next snooze alarm.
all i could do was lay back down.
twitter had videos and pictures.
this is one i saw:


did she know to duck?
look at this fool @ 1:00:

you know who he is?

  colossas from the x-men.

it was crazy af out there tho.
it really had me feeling sad,
but a foxholer sent me a message this evening about most of the victims…
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