Don Lemon Debuts His Alleged New Boyfriend for Cuffing Season

i’m not surprised by this revelation at all.
if you are,
i may judge you.
so cnn anchor wolf,
don lemon,
brought his new alleged boyfriend out for a date night.
they were x’d leaving an snl after party in new yawk and well…

not shocked.
as for the details on him,
the snow wolf’s name is tim malone.
he is a sales exec and he’s in his 30s to don’s 51.
tim looks so scared,
don’t he?
kudos to don and his new love!

photos cc: north woods/splash news | daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “Don Lemon Debuts His Alleged New Boyfriend for Cuffing Season”

  1. Team Obvious!! Like really, are there any out black wolves / foxes with black partners? I’m all for loving who you love but damn!!

  2. Lawd this pictures screams unseasoned chicken, room temperature potato salad and mayonnaise sandwiches. Poor Don is in the sunken place. Are they going to a Leave it to Beaver costume party? I cant with this fuckery

  3. I’m happy for Don he is been single for a while.On CNN’s NYE special he said he was ready for a relationship He realized he had been self centered and decided to make some changes.He started dating Tim a few months ago.

    Most black gay men are in relationships with black men.Most straight black men are in relationships with black women.

    1. Dont know how I feel about Don Lemln. He strikes me as somone that is self conflicted. He tries soo hard to convince that he’s supportive of the community. but such a turn off.
      It’s amazing to me that some of us still think that U have to be paired with Massa or his woman to feel worthy. like U have made it now. Bwoi as a people we’re one rass effed up set of people. Ever wonder why the world don’t respect is. We don’t even respect our self, our own.

  4. Oh look, its “Tom DuBois” and his boyfriend. Its typical for successful black men to date outside of his race. Anyway, has anyone seen “IT?”

  5. Ehh Idc lol.. I’m sure his place is work./circle is filled with mainly white people. Plus if he makes him happy then who am I to speak on it.

  6. Congrats to Don Lemon.
    As for those of you having a problem with his race might I suggest you get a life of your own and find some happiness.

    Do you even realize how difficult it is for educated gay Black men to find other Black men for long term healthy happy couplings? Many Gay blk men are suffering from severe mental and sexual oppression. Most of those psychological disorders remain untreated. We bring those toxic views of ourselves and other gay men to relationships which ultimately fail.

    Sure, my heart would be filled with pride if I saw Don with another successful attractive Black man on his arms, but I know from experience how hard it is to both find them and keep them!

      1. So I guess I’m the hit dog then…..well, this hit dog wasn’t crying but growling. Anywho, I really don’t care for Don considering he’s race baiting anyway so yeah.

  7. Secure the bag white boy! Getting those connections I bet.

    I personally give no fucks about who he dates but people act like white gays are so well adjusted and superior to black ones.

    They’re doing crystal meth, selling their bodies, and dealing with mental illness too🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. Ya know Jamari. To appease some of us, more post about popular black athletes/celebs (lesbian or gay) that are linked with another black man/woman. I know of two. The guys that created the DL Chronicles and that’s all that can come to mind. Some of the folks that come to the site might not want to go on a Google so maybe coming to might be refreshing. Jamari can find anything so a post about a popular/well known gay black individual may breathe a lil fresh air.

    Honestly, I keep seeing post about “lots of black couples” and I’m not denying that but maybe, if it’s not too burdensome, perhaps their could be something that highlights a black/black couple.

    My only two bfs have been black and the guy I’m liking now is Polynesian (he’s brown). With that said, I have never been so attracted to pursue white guys (or girls). That’s not too say I don’t find some of them cute. I’m all bout that fro tho. Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Asians, Afro-Latino..Yu name it!! 😓 😍

    Gay love is hard to come by tho but it ain’t glitter and gold for the straights. They asses can’t keep a ring on that finger either and if they do, you can clearly see it on a Xtube video with someone other than who they married. 🤔

    “SOME” blacks and other races only want whites because they feel it is a level up.

    “SOME” whites and others only want blacks for ethnic stereotypes.

    And then you have folks that genuinely like each other.

    I also think that the older you get, you don’t really give af as long as someone loves you honestly and with all their heart.

    I don’t think it would be nice to feature these black successful couples some posters keep mentioning. This is Jamari shit tho, so only if he seems such a thing important.

  9. I thought he loved hood dudes from Harlem? Oh, sorry he likes to hook up with hood dudes from Harlem. Lol.

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