Who Knew One Half of “Mary Mary” Was A Dumbass?

that “church thing” might destroy some folks.
i go to church,
but i still remain spiritual.

i feel the bible and church folks don’t go together well.
it can be a disastrous mix.
well tina campbell,
one half of mary mary,
is just that.

she explains why she voted for trump in an interview via the root,
this is what she had to say

As for what anybody says, the “Shackles” singer became embroiled in scuttlebutt earlier this year after she wrote an open letter encouraging masses to “pray for” then-President-elect Donald Trump—which many thought was a sign that she was in support of the controversial figure.

Although the sixth and final season of the reality show, which premiered Sept. 28, wrapped filming in the spring, Campbell assured us that he won’t be a topic of discussion.

“You ain’t never going to see that in there. Donald Trump is not that much a part of my life,” she shared. “I had a perspective. I had a feeling. And I put it out there. I know there’s some people who don’t agree. I do not agree with a lot of the decisions that this man makes. And I made that very clear in my statement.

“I was faced with two presidential candidates that I really did not approve of,” Campbell elaborated. “And so I had to find something, a commonality with one of them, that would make me feel like if I have to vote, I should utilize my right to vote. Since I don’t prefer either of them, what can I find that would make me vote? And some of Donald Trump’s views on Christianity, honestly, is what caused me to vote for him.

“Many of the decisions that he has made afterwards, I have not been in agreement with at all, which I wasn’t in agreement with my last president that I voted for,” she added. “But however, as a Christian, my perspective is to pray for the president, to not use my social platforms or other platforms to try to destroy this man, because at the end of the day, he still represents the country that I live in. 

“So if I’m going to use my platform, my power, my voice, I ought to use it to pray for him. To pray that he would make wise decisions, that he would be true to the oath that he took, and to not incite fear by talking about everything that’s wrong, especially with people that’s my color,” she explained further.

Not walking back her statements, Campbell instead is steadfast in her belief that what Trump does or says is not the be-all, end-all for the world. And she challenges others to embrace that concept.

“So all the fear that I was hearing in churches everywhere and amongst African-American people, I was like, ‘Man, we’re making a god out of this fellow. We think that our life is going to go to hell in a handbasket if he don’t get it right. And is he our god or is God our god? Are we going to pray for him or are we going to continue to bash him, which don’t help nothing?’ 

“I don’t make those statements to become politically charged,” she continued. “I have an opinion and I expressed it because I was so disheartened from what I was hearing in churches in our community. So that is literally where that came from. Not a ‘Let me tell everybody how for Donald Trump I am and try to get everybody to be on the Trump train.’ That was not it.

“And I didn’t feel like trying to explain that or argue that. So I didn’t. So I never talked about it again. I ain’t never explaining that any further,” she maintained. “They can understand it or not understand it. I don’t have an agenda to make people agree with me, believe me, understand me. I have a platform and I use my voice. I understand sometimes people will agree. They will disagree. They will lift me up or they will tear me down. They will bash me or they will build me. That comes with the territory. So I don’t try to chase that stuff. I don’t care to.”

i see why i didn’t really get into them besides one song.
i hate when i hear hyenas use this phrase:

“i didn’t like both candidates,
so i voted for the dumbest one…”

i don’t see any redeeming qualities trump had during his run.
he was a slanderous bullhorn with no filter.
hillary wasn’t a great choice either,
but she has background in that world.
trump can’t even run his business right.
this is what answered everything for me tho:

“…And some of Donald Trump’s views on Christianity,
is what caused me to vote for him.”

do we really need to go into it?
you can read between the lines with that.
you’re looking at a heavy cancellation.
shame because i listen to this song when i’m sad:


lowkey: some things require a “no comment”.

article cc: the root

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Who Knew One Half of “Mary Mary” Was A Dumbass?”

  1. Christianity? Trump doesn’t even attend church.He called Second Corinthians “Two Corinthians”.He is a serial cheater.He is a racist,mysognist,etc.I guess she likes that he had an anti gay right wing running mate.

    1. lol. I don’t even believe that he’s religious. Just another lie to use as a speaking point for his “party”. I can’t see him doing the “Our Fathers” and the “Hail Marys” every morning and night. i just don’t lol. I think it’s sad that people fell for it though.

  2. There is one thing that she said I agree with:

    “So all the fear that I was hearing in churches everywhere and amongst African-American people, I was like, ‘Man, we’re making a god out of this fellow. We think that our life is going to go to hell in a handbasket if he don’t get it right.”

    She’s 100% correct in this aspect, but there is some truth in the fear though (seeing as NK is threatening to nuke the US, in which case, the handbasket might be a reality for some folks, so they’re not COMPLETELY wrong in their fear…

    THe rest of what she said is irrelevant. I used to like their music, and she really does have a really nice voice.

  3. Girl Bye, ask everybody to pray for your cheating ass husband so he can stop making you look like a damn fool. She needs to stay her ass on stage singing and shut the hell up about trying to justify voting for this incompetent racist bigot. This MF has done everything he can to ensure that Christian children are going to be hungry and sick because he does not care. I am so over mindless dumb ass church people, that is why they stay getting bamboozled by their leaders because they blindly follow behind someone who says they are Christian. Donald Trump is about much a Christian as Dr. Pepper is a damn Doctor. Tina take your ass somewhere and sit down.

    1. “But but but she loves God! You don’t love God?! What’s wrong with you?!” Says every dumb ass christian conservative that is NOT red pilled.

  4. And the donkey of the day goes to Tina Campbell and her gospel trap song “I love God!” Bruh! Jesus is looking at Tina like, *facepalm* “really Tina? Really? Now i am for sure I’m going back to Earth and rescue these people!”

  5. I think the majority of black people fail to realize is that a lot of these negro celebrities, rappers, politicians, evangelists, and the like are bought and paid for. White supremacy is attacking us from every angle. The angle that we were attacked from this time was the Christian angle. She had a sit down with “The Root”, a publication that is geared to black people, but not even owned by black people. Why does it come as a surprise?

    It’s important to identify which black person isn’t for the legitimate aspirations of our people because they will hinder our efforts. She is cancelled indefinitely.

  6. Would have been better to not vote especially if she did not believe in either of them! She also could have voted for one of the other candidates. There were other options beside voting for somebody you have no belief in talking about some bullshit commonality!!! But I don’t hate her for it she just a person who made poor decision. She just does not have the best judgement. She should pray to The Most High to improve that. That is a worthwhile prayer.

  7. I never liked her homophobic ass. She can kick rocks with the rest of the deplorableTrump supporters. Girl bye👎

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