Ariana Grande Fonts A Grande Message

so as you know,
or didn’t,
ariana grande has postponed the rest of her tour since the tragedy in manchester after her concert.
my prayers go out to her because i don’t know how she can still do it.
i would need a couple months off to re-coup.
i guess money needs to be made tho.
well she wrote a nice message for her fans on her ig.
this is what she had to font

i think this is very nice of her.
i don’t know how i would have felt going back there,
but this is for a good cause.
i’ll allow it for ariana.

this whole thing has me thinking about events with big crowds.
summer is coming up so that means everyone will be outside.
this includes jackals with destruction on their minds.
there is nothing more terrifying than trying to escape for your life.
those were cubs who died in that tragedy in manchester.
it is so real in these forests now.
so with that being said,
i will continue to pray for everyone involved.
those who lost someone and the ones with the trauma going forward.
be safe out there and know your surroundings.
check where all the exits are and simply just be careful.

love you all.

lowkey: i wonder how they are gonna make security for concerts now?
i wonder if leaving the venue after everyone leaves is a better option?

9 thoughts on “Ariana Grande Fonts A Grande Message

  1. I dont like her as an artist. My condolences go out to the victims.

  2. Yo, did you see how Piers Morgan was badmouthing her because she left London and came back to the States?! He said she should be there comforting the victims and their families, not running away.

    1. ^i bet if she did that,
      she would have been accused of trying to gain sympathy.
      she is a damned if you do or don’t position.
      i don’t blame her wanting to come back and being with her family.
      she seems like she is fragile.

    2. Lmao wtf? Piers needs to go someplace and check into reality. Ariana doesn’t have to do anything, this wasn’t her doing nor her responsibility. She can’t do anything to help them anyway. This is much bigger than her.

      1. Maybe not ,but she sure ass hell is getting a lot of sympathy votes from it. Hell more so than the actual victims.

      2. I would certainly argue that she was the least affected out of the actual victims there.

      3. @Jamari. every time i see that little karaoke singing bitch, I want to slap her for that donut. lol

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