RIP Bishop Eddie Long

i had to cover him on how much recent weight he lost too.
according to those close to him,
and a f-bi who alerted me,

bishop eddie long has passed away this morning.
he was 63.
too bad he’ll be remembered for his alleged scandals and questionable foxhole behavior.
his cub,
edward long jr

…will more than likely take over his legacy.

…but let’s pray not ^the sequel.
outside the church forests,
not everyone has sympathy for his passing.
i didn’t care for his character tbh.
this is what someone wrote on his facebook via the f-bi:

Where was this outrage when he was giving head in the pastors quarters?

oh my…
i can only imagine what secrets are gonna come out now.
his daughter left this on her ig:

i send my condolences to his family.

lowkey: he looked so unrecognizable in his last days.
i hope he asked God for forgiveness and repented heavy.

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  1. Whenever a gay is sick or dies AIDS is always the subject matter. It surprises me that even in the gay community the prolific amount of ignorance we have around it and are the first to say it. Get knowledge on AIDS and the controllable medication many are own behind it since a lot of you are the first to think you know what the hell youre talking about.

  2. I have been on Twitter this morning and it is not pretty at all. I mean I had no idea that people felt this strongly about him. It has been a mixture of love and support but many have said some terrible things. I think he had cancer as well if that really makes a difference at this point. HIV/Aids dont take you down that fast anymore but cancer can. People are going to believe what they want to believe. People are on Twitter saying Kim Burrell predicted that the homosexuals would die in 2017 and the prophecy is being fulfilled. It is a HOT MESS. Regardless of his transgression he alone has to answer to them. Praying for his children, I know despite all that he may have done, he is still Daddy in their eyes and they love him unconditionally unlike the world.

    1. So they are bringing up Kim Burrell? WOW.I wish I could hear her sermon but I am sure she banned phones.😂

    2. ^i think everyone is screaming aids because of his secrets.
      you are all right about cancer taking out someone so fast.
      it did it to my parents so i know first hand.
      everyone just wants that the “evil jackal died because of his sins”.

  3. I mean no matter how he passed or what he did, dude was still a father and someone’s husband (or ex) so my condolences to his family. RIP. Things like this make me wonder when we die, what people will say about us. It’s not like we can stop them from saying it or shout LIES. What’s done is done….

    1. Who cares what people say when you die. People are going to talk…but you don’t give them ammo while you’re alive to use when you’re no longer here.

  4. Now that the infamous Eddie Long is back on the trending stories I couldn’t help but to think about the young men who came forwards with the allegations of sexual misconduct. Was it ever proven that he had sex with any of those 3 young men? I believed it 100% at the time, but now I have doubts for some reason. If they had relations with Bishop Long against their will isn’t that RAPE? Or did they consent to sex in exchange for gifts and later had regrets like most closeted and straight guys do after the act?

    I would like to see a follow up on those men involved in the scandal.

    1. Eddie Long was a father figure to these young men since they were young boys,he “groomed” them for years as many sexual predators do.I believe one of them was in his boy’s group since he was 8 but he was 17 when it became sexual.These young men actually called him “Dad”.He had a group where he was a mentor to young boys with absentee fathers. I watched an interview with church members on CNN they called Eddie Long “dad” and “father”. At least one of them was openly gay and Eddie Long manipulated him to think he could be cured.The church had a program that counseled people who wanted to be cured of homosexuality.

      Were they raped ? No not legally, he started a sexual relationship with them when they were over 16 and they were not forceably raped.They were emotional and psychological manipulated or coerced.

      I am a survivor of sexual abuse.I was not forceably raped .The abuse was by family members whom I trusted and looked up to.They “groomed” me by starting off giving me gifts, being my protector or big brother since I am only child.Eventually touching me and then bringing up the gifts I had accepted months before.

      It’s a long story but it is easy to be manipulated by someone whom you admire, love and eventually fear especially if they are well respected and powerful.And especially if you feel powerless.

      1. ^so scary yc.
        im sorry you had to go through that.
        i appreciate that you were able to share your story with us.
        it is very eye opening and i bet many foxholers have the same story.
        it takes someone very brace to admit that.

    2. According to state law they were at the legal age of consent, but under 18, and we’re paid off allegedly…

    3. ^I think you answered your own question bllackpegasus. They didn’t press charges because they were paid off. Let’s say that it did happen and since they were paid off to keep silent, they have to live with their conscience because they are letting him continue to do it to others. If it happened to me…that person is going to jail, THEN I would sue for compensatory damages.

      1. Well I never pressed charges and I waited over 15 years ago to tell my father I was sexually abused.My mother was already dead.So I guess I am partly responsible for everyone who was subsequently sexually abused by my abusers.So besides the shame of being abused I should feel guilty for not having the courage to face my accusers in court.OK.
        I guess that should apply to survivors of domestic violence and rape as well.The ones who didn’t file charges “they have to live with their conscience” too, I guess.

        I choose to look at it as these four men had the balls to expose his activities.Activities that allegedly had been going up for years.I read they got rid of or reworked of the New Birth Ministry for Boys that Eddie Long created called “Longfellows” after the lawsuit.Two of the accused were in that group. Because of them more than half the congregation left the church because their lawsuit exposed him to the masses.Reverend Bernice King(MLK daughter ) resigned.

        That’s the way I choose to look at it .Many abuse victims have been secretely paid off by the church.They filed a public lawsuit and dealt with the death threats they received for exposing “Dad” aka Eddie Long.

        Lastly I always find it “interesting” when people say”If it had happened to me I would…” SMH Really???
        I pray you are never raped.I pray that you are never a victim of domestic violence.

        1. ^that reminds me of women who say “if a man ever hit me I would…”
          you don’t know how you would react to a men who abuses you that you love.
          it’s easy to cast judgment until you are in the situation.
          i am guilty of this and learned the hard way over the years.

      2. @Y Colette…I apologize. My comment was not meant to belittle anyone. In the case of these young men I was questioning the fact that if a person does that to you, why take a payout to keep silent as opposed to seeing them arrested? If they had the numbers (several of them) and they had proof, I’m sure they could’ve gone ahead and pressed charges.

        Maybe they were pressured to take a monetary settlement to remain silent, but if a person does it to you…it’s certain that they are doing it to someone else. And in this case, there were several young men that he was allegedly doing it to.

        Perhaps because he was a big name preacher at the time is why they didn’t press charges? I’m not sure, but that was what I was questioning. It may have come out the wrong way…and came across as insensitive.

      3. First of all also I have to apologize. I am hypersensitive when survivors of rape,sexual abuse,domestic violence,etc are questioned about their actions moreso than the perpetrators.

        Regarding these four men who by the way only two of them knew each other.The other two didn’t know each other nor did they know the first two.One of them attended New Birth satellite campus in N.Carolina.
        I am a little confused about pressing charges because I am not aware of any crime he could be charged with.The age of consent is 16 .They were 17 and 18 when they claim the sexual contact started.Also none of them claimed he forceably raped them.None of them said he drugged them or got them drunk.They had text messages,pics,etc proving they had a sexual relationship with him but that’s not a crime.To my knowledge this was not a situation where I go to the police and say Joe Blow raped me and then refuse to cooperate after Joe gives me money.They filed three seperate lawsuits.All using the same attorney went thru mediation and settled out of court.

        I don’t know what charges could be filed for 17 and 18 year olds engaging in consensual sex with their minister.I guess they could say he coerced them but is that enough to get him arrested ? IDK

  5. I am not surprise, he made his own grave. That clean diet of his killed him all right. We all know he caught the monsta of ATL. So much B.S in his organization and congregation and I bet they will second guess their relationship with this men. Maybe more skeletons will come out and I hope Jamal Parris and other victims can move pass this so called “Men of Christ”.

    1. How do you know he had HIV or AIDS? I am asking because I read months ago that he had gastrointestinal cancer.His appearance was more similar to my relatives who have died from cancer,specifically my uncle who died from pancreatic cancer.

      I am not saying he didn’t have HIV but MSM in Atlanta die from other illnesses besides AIDS.Unless you have some insider information.
      Prayers and condolences to his loved ones
      BTW the reason I am reluctant to automatically assume he had AIDS because I have been reading ignorant comments about Black men( gay and DL) on black blogs this morning.Basically saying “they” all have HIV.

      1. ^he was a disgusting liar while on earth.
        at this point,
        if he did have aids,
        they will cover that up.
        that “vegan diet” he was pushing probably didn’t work.

      2. He may have indeed had some type of gastrointestinal cancer, but the underlying cause could’ve been HIV/AIDS related…people with it are at a higher risk. To me, the sunken-in, and loss of fat in his face (lypodystrophy) – let alone his whole body – is the tell tale sign…wow, jus heard bout this, I hope his deluded followers come to their senses now.

        1. ^im sorry robert for your loss.

          losing a best friend is always tough especially to cancer.
          may he continue to Rest In Peace and you continue to be healed and blessed as you continue on without him.

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