You Need To Be A Smart Hoe, Ya Hear!

I caught the following tweets from Lil Duval and I had to ask myself was he right?

I chuckled for a minute, but then reality set in….

Is there such a thing as a smart hoe?

They are all pretty, all “light skin”, all cum dumpsters, and all PAID…

Usually, I make fun of some of them (out of love and lust),
but in the “Vixen” world, they fucked left and got right.
They knew they wanted better and fucked better to get it.

Evelyn only fucked with Baller Wolves.
Christina quite frankly needed that check.
Lauren has been a jump off to many.
Nivea, who?
And Hoopz went from reality show to Basketball Wife.

Kudos ladies… I think.
Fuck the days a Vixen went to work and made some actual money.
Kudos to the Vixens who got skeeted and had a baby by a millionaire?

So I had to wonder if we, as Foxes, need to choose better in who we let run up in us?
Sure, we can’t pregnant, but we can lock it down for only the RIGHT Wolves.
You know, those Wolves who lock us down and drop some stacks on it.
I see too many Foxes out here putting up with bullshit from broke ass mofos.

I started to wonder about Wolves, smart hoein, and dating…
Shit, do we even date these days?
I see more online hook ups than anything else.
It seems that we are all HOES in this Forest trying to fuck to be taken seriously.
The biggest prude will wet a dick up just to be cuffed.
Wolves are everywhere, but should we be a lot smarter with who we choose?
You meet one Wolf at the club and he done piped the whole room.
Twitter and Facebook have turned into thirst heaven.
And after you let him pound you down, what’s next?
So… how do you really become a “smart hoe” if everything around you breeds stupidity?
How do be a smart hoe and still keep your good Wolf and all the benefits that go with it?
Nowadays, the Wolf wants to be chased.
I also want to be chased so we both have a conflict of interest.

Getting the Wolf, fucking the Wolf, keeping the Wolf, and cuffing the Wolf.

Are the smart hoes #WINNING?

Is Lil Duval right….?

Is giving the “Foxtail” and then falling back really the trick?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “You Need To Be A Smart Hoe, Ya Hear!”

  1. Yea there is a thing as a smart hoe, it’s true. Ok, look at lauren London, she’s fine, and when Wayne got her preggers people where like wtf?. How can an ugly man like him pull somebody as fine as her, it’ was a real head scratcher. She wanted to have his baby because it’s a for sure way that she will get a check if her was to career flop, just like Nivea did. Nivea’s music career is dead, and she’s surviving off Wayne’s checks.

    1. ^Isn’t The Dream Nivea’s baby daddy too?
      Nivea never really did it for me.
      She didn’t have “it”.

      Lauren was fine, but she got caught up in thug penis.
      It’s okay. we all go there.
      Wayne must have some good peen.
      I’m sure he talked his way into that pussy.

      1. Yea the Dream is her baby daddy too, Nivea has quite a few checks coming in. Wayne didn’t talk his way into Lauren’s pussy, his money did.

  2. What Lil Duval said is true, but to a certain degree. I would say I’m a smart hoe fox, and wouldn’t necessarily call it trickin because I mess around with wolves who are mostly on the DL successful businessmen, lawyers and a athlete every so often so I dont always have to have sex with them, but they wanna make me happy so it works. It seems they like how I am not clingy but I’m affectionate so there is not a question I’m feeling them. But dude I’m with right now told me on he wanted me exclusively and he dont want me having sex with no other dudes so I adhere to his request and I dont really ever want or need for anything.

  3. I was a young dumb hoe!! Had em all from thugs to CEO’s…in my research studies…I have found that Everyman wants to be able to lock down what’s beautiful in their eyes and be able to say “yeah that’s me right there”, without you being clingy, needy, and aggravating! If you notice not one chick you mentioned was pressed over them niggas they got pregnant and moved on.. In my world that’s considered a Power Move.. Everybody has what they want, man-beautiful child from a beautiful woman, woman-an 18 year five figure check, of which is considered portable property..

        1. ^you need to seriously get that kind of thinking our your mind.
          ANYONE can be conquered.
          If I see ugly Foxes having the finest Wolves wrapped around their fingers,
          You can too.

          Im not bringing that mentality in 2012.
          And neither should you.
          It holds you back from really being great.

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