So I Got Hit On (Yesterday)…

when i talk to God,
i’m realizing i need to be more specific.
i was feeling un-wanted on thursday,
after seeing all these sexy wolves everywhere,
and i said in my head:

i want a WOLF to hit on me…”

…and thats it.
the good part i wasn’t sad about it.
i let it go and moved on about my life.
well someone hit on me alright…

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The Studio Exec Was Told There’d Be (your) Cake

it’s always those who are always talking about the gays.
either they have some secrets or they just happy in hatred.
lil duval has always given me one or the other.
i never found him funny.
i was never confused why he wasn’t as big as kevin hart also.
there is a joke there…
on “the breakfast club” last friday with deray davis,
he mentions that he was hit on by a gay studio exec for a role.
so the conversation started about up and coming comedians being put on.
it starts at @24:30,
this is what he says about it @26:00
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I Hit On Him and Then He Hit Me

heartsok#havesandhavenots was the shit wasn’t it?
good damn tv.
well i couldn’t stop thinking about how wyatt extracted that confession out of jeffery.
that “look at that bulge” line tho…
with those tight ass pants jeffery had on and wyatt saw that?
in this lifestyle,
i call jeffery a “newbie”.
the one who hasn’t had his *safety seal broken.
(*safety seal: as soon as you do anything with the same sex.)
so  you are completely new to how this whole thing works.
you think that as soon as you say “me likey peen/booty“,
then everyone happens to feel the same way.
not a chance.
worse if you meet the wrong people(s),
you can be manipulated.
worse: outed.
i was once a victim…

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