So I Got Hit On (Yesterday)…

when i talk to God,
i’m realizing i need to be more specific.
i was feeling un-wanted on thursday,
after seeing all these sexy wolves everywhere,
and i said in my head:

i want a WOLF to hit on me…”

…and thats it.
the good part i wasn’t sad about it.
i let it go and moved on about my life.
well someone hit on me alright…

i met him on my first day.
he works in it department and i needed help getting on wifi.
he is much older than me,
in his late 40s,
and looked like he worked with computers for a living.

well yesterday,
i saw him in the elevator.
he rushed over to where i was standing to speak to me.
even though my allergies were bugging me,
i am always polite and spoke back.
about 20 minutes later,
he comes over to my desk.
i cannot remember how it started,
but during the conversation,
he said:

“you want to come to my home country with me?”

his home country being an island.
i was like,
but i played along.

“will my ticket and hotel be payed for?”

“of course.”

he is eye fuckin’ me down after that.
i knew what time it was.
it caught me off guard because he isn’t one i wouldn’t suspect.
so it went from that to:

“let me take you out…”
“you dating anyone?”
“you so cute…”

…and was literally all over me.
i’m trying to keep it professional and guess what he did?
he reaches down my rubs my paw!!!
while its on the mouse!!!

he was doing way too much for my liking,
so i decided to ask him some questions.
i asked:

“are you married?”

he said:

“i was married,
but i’m not anymore.”

i asked:

“do you have cubs?”

he said:

“yes i have 1.”

i asked:

“did you mess with males while you were married?”

he said:

i tried to keep it inside,
but i messed with one or two.”

while he was answering everything i asked,
he slips me his card with his number on it.
he tells me that he doesn’t like to party,
but did say:

“i like to party in the bedroom.”

he often does sex parties too.
he likes foxes and he is a strict wolf.
he also likes em young and slim.

“you don’t like muscles?” i asked him.

those are usually on top.”

“i like muscles.”

“i don’t have any.”

“oh shoot…”

i let him know early that i was dating someone.
i’m not,
as you know,
but this one was giving me “potential stalker”.
as i was dealing with clients,
he was perched at my desk for a close to an hour.
he still wanted to maintain that conversation,
but i was completely over it.
after he realized i was getting busy,
he finally decided to leave.
once i saw him getting in the elevator,
he held his phone up to signal for me to reach out.
i smiled,
but i’m good.
i’ll make sure i’m more detailed with God going forward.

lowkey: the good news is i feel free now.
the best thing i did was to let go of all that past baggage.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “So I Got Hit On (Yesterday)…”

  1. I had a situation like this happen to me once you show your thirst is heavy im good. Not saying don’t show interest but there is a difference Between interest and literally being thirsty.

      1. Oh shit, he was knocking shit off your desk lol talking to you forever. Naw no thanks I would just be nice to him at a distance.

  2. My grandmother used to say pray silently sometimes because God isn’t the only listening. I’d like to add that sometimes the Enemy is lurking and taking notes smh he sounds like a creeper

  3. Like how you handed that, I had something similar happened to me a few years ago. I was out and this older guy gave me a note asking me to turn around and look outside. As I’m looking he’s in his car smiling so I go out there and we chat for a min. Out of the gate he starts telling me how cute I am and if I’m legal age (since I tend to look younger than I am). I give him my number we text back and forth but to be honest he didn’t get my blood rushing, I only talked to him because I was trying to get over my wolf “friend”, and thought this would help.

    This older guy kept putting himself down saying “if we kiss you wouldn’t like it since I’m not good at it” or ” I’m not that great at sex and someone as younger as you wouldn’t want me” I had to end it.
    I learned my lesson right then and there don’t try to take interest in someone just because you’re loney.

    1. ^yessss!!!

      he did something similar too.
      trying to game me with that “you wouldn’t like me” shit.
      it came off corny instead of sexy.
      like you said,
      if my blood doesn’t rush,
      then im not gonna be interested.

  4. some of them islanders can be possessive as fuck. be sure to stop any further contact for real. this story sounds familiar only my friend ended up pushed up against a wall and almost raped

  5. Since he is an older man, his actions do not surprise me one bit. As you stated, he is in his late 40’s. Obviously, I have not experienced it, but I believe that as men age and their appearance fades, they become desperate to find a partner. When you think about it makes sense knowing the aspects of gay culture. This lifestyle mainly surrounds physical appearance, and that is where the emphasis lies.

  6. The way it is used he make “Older” seem like something that can be avoided or something to avoid. As My grandmother would say,
    “keep Living Sugah!” I am a much older man and very secure in my sexuality and have had love all my life I get hit on by younger men all the time. but I am relationship oriented and we have very little in common in that department but I don’t rule them out as friends and it is increasing my circle of friends, if is not them it just might be one of their friends. But Although I love this blog it really makes me realize You Guys live in a totally different world that I did when I was your age. Just remember while you are waiting for Mr. Right, time is passing.

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