FLORIDA FOXHOLE: You’re Up Next (Hurricane Irma)

florida foxhole…

…you know i’m praying for you,
another potential disaster from a hurricane ahead.
hurricane irma has all of florida shook.
as i did with harvey…

Please keep us posted in the foxhole

i know many did/could not leave.
i pray you are all in safe confinement and stocked on food.
make sure you have:

canned goods

a overnight bag packed
a full charge on external batteries

you never know when you gonna have to dip out FAST.
i always like to make sure my escape plan is quick and easy.
at least you’ll have clean clothes and a working phone.
this too shall pass.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “FLORIDA FOXHOLE: You’re Up Next (Hurricane Irma)”

  1. In Miami, the wind is picking up on and off; however, landfall is expected tomorrow, Although the forcast is predicting Miami is not in the cone, I still feel its going to get worst. Many wolves are texting me they are riding it out in their high rise with impact resistant windows.

      1. In addition to that, cranes are not too far away or across the street moving around and these winds are already doing damage up rooting trees and turning off power.

      2. I’m with you on that one. We THINK we have resistant materials/buildings…but Mother Nature ALWAYS shows us otherwise.
        They say get out…my next question is by when do you need me gone?! Ride it out…I don’t think so.

  2. If you have damage fill out a FEMA application online rather than on the phone.My neighbor across the street is still waiting for an inspector to call and it’s been 9 days since she called.I completed my application online and the inspector was here in three days.

    Unfortunately I received a letter today saying I am not eligible to receive assistance because my home is safe to occupy.That’s OK I only had minor damage compared to others also I have flood insurance. An adjustor should be here in the next 48 hrs.

    Be safe Remember stuff can be replaced People can’t.🙏

  3. Man, I love Hurricanes. We here in Mid La have Hurricane parties. Lights out, wind blowing, rain pouring…time to party baby…Candles, bottled water, Good times and games.

  4. In West Palm Beach, about an hour north of Miami. Right now, just on and off rain, had a tornado watch a few hours ago, nothing touched down in my area. Irma making landfall on the west coast near Ft Myers, Sunday afternoon. Were safe, pretty much hunkered down…waiting.
    Thank you for your prayers, everyone stay safe.

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