Janet Is Back (and She Sure Tole Me)

you see that face?
that sly smirk?

that is the face of a vixen who proved me wrong.
that’s right.
janet started her “state of the world” tour back and well…

she looks f’n GREAT:

she tole me,
didn’t she?
well i’m glad she didn’t waste ya’ll time.
i know most was disappointed,
but she came back strong.
i was trying to go to her new yawk show.
if i can finagle the funds,
i’ll see what i can do.
i’d love to see her concert.
janet took time to go visit those affected in houston after harvey.


she is donating 100% of the proceeds from her concert to the victims as well.
go janet!
she has always been a generous queen.

lowkey: i’m in the mood to listen to “rhythm nation 1814”.

video footage cc: mariahjanet_world

10 thoughts on “Janet Is Back (and She Sure Tole Me)

  1. So glad that the general public appears to be pleased with her return to the stage. I’ve got tickets to four shows already, so I won’t bother to weigh in with an opinion 😉 #SOTW2017

  2. Janet will always be a great performer. It’s in her blood, her DNA is about performing on stage. She looks great!! I’ll see her again in December in Atlanta for sure!!

  3. Janet slays all day, everyday. Purely untouched and a living legend if not one of the greatest icons. She can sing, dance, act, model, knows how to please a man, knows how to please her fans…Pure pleasure principle has arrived …This is a story about control…my control…control of what I say…control of what I do…Slay them Janet.

  4. Love her to death. She’s a little rusty, and there’s some stiffness there, but I’m sure it will pass.
    She’s 51 years old of course, but she’s still giving it to her fans. I didn’t think she’d be back touring this soon. I really thought it would’ve been 2018 at the latest, but I’m glad to see she’s back.

  5. Yes Janet is a living legend and one of the best entertainers of our time. I’m so glad she came back being her normal self. When she did her last tour she still could dance, but was holding back do to her husband. Now, she is Milly Rocking, dropping it down like it’s hot at 51. Just gave birth 8 months ago, got that body back together I honestly don’t know how she still can dance like this at 51 like how is that even possible? Not only did Janet look like she was in her early 30s she danced like it too, she showed no signs of saying “hey my performance years are almost up” she still got it. I might have to get a ticket now that Janet is back to being Janet with her sexy self.

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