Be Careful Not To Get Fucked By The Sociopath

we gotta be careful who we let in our lives.
he might look like everything you asked for,
but he could be getting ready to prey on you too.
you won’t know until you feel you cannot live without them.
that is how far into your mind they go.
abuse doesn’t always happen with a fist.
mental and emotional abuse is far worse.


i know them all too well.
my home-vixen dealt with hers in the form of her baby father

now she didn’t know he was the way he was.
he started out perfect.
good looking wolf,
great sex,
and was charismatic as hell.
he told her “i won’t ever leave your side”.
uh huh.
she was going to marry him after she gave birth to his cub.
well that came to a screeching halt.
he was fuckin’ 3 other vixens on the side.
when he was caught,
he tried to act like he didn’t know what was going on.
she had all the receipts in her email.
of course,
he claimed he would do better and she went back.
the second act was hell.
he was playing a game with all of them.
they didn’t realize it,
but they were all fighting for his affection.
since my home-vixen was the only one to have a cub with him,
she desperately wanted to make it work.
she didn’t want to be embarrassed.
after all the games,
she broke up with him and kicked him out her spot.
this was a year ago.
she has grown tremendously since then.
well he called her today to talk about their cub,
but to try and hurt her,
he said:

“my girlfriend loves our daughter.
she loves spending time with her.”

you know who the the “girlfriend” is?
  the one who revealed his cheating.
the one who showed my home-vixen all the proof.
he was cheating with her too.
now that i know how socio’s work,
she is probably under his spell heavy.

my mother was a good one.
i’m realizing now that mi is one.
  ww had tendencies.
i didn’t know they had a title for how they operated,
but when i went sniffing around google,
i saw all of their personality traits before my eyes.
you might be under the control of one now.
one who isn’t even in your life anymore.

confronting them does nothing.
they will smile in your face as you are cursing them out.
neither does outing them.
they will turn it on you to make you look like a liar.
they are the liars.
they try to make you look like who they really are.
you will never win with a socio or even a psychopath.
they have no soul or emotions.
“savages” are what they are.
some of them are so unhinged that they will kill you if you “unmask” them.
once the smoke has cleared,
they will come back around because you provide them with their “fill”.
they are like vampires.
“hey bighead” texts are their forte.
they will reward you by (mind) fucking your brains out.
once you let your guard down,
they will repeat the cycle again and again.
once they have no use for you,
they will discard you and that’s where you feel lost without them.
mi and ww did that to me.
i’m learning you cannot let them back in.
it’s best to block and leave them alone.
in the gay community,
they love those who are lonely or suffer from low self esteem.
be careful foxhole.

lowkey: sociopaths,
and narcissists all have common traits.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Be Careful Not To Get Fucked By The Sociopath”

  1. sociopaths/psychopaths are well know for flipping shit to make it look like you’re a liar or crazy as fuck. It’s usually best to avoid they ass after the first red flag they give you

    1. ^yup.
      the ones i know did that to me.
      sometimes you get so deep into their spell,
      the first red flag is a while later.
      you gotta be strong to leave them alone.
      it’s crazy how MANY out here are socios and pyschos.
      the common ones nowadays are narcissists:

      “Some people feel drawn to these people because they seem like they have it all together, like they have so much going for them. In fact, they use other people around them to get what they want, build themselves up and achieve their own goals. They are very envious of those around them and use people to get what they want.”

  2. What? Your mother was a sociopath? I have never you heard you mention your mother except for saying she passed away.WOW this is a shock.I wonder if this has affected some of your choices in terms of people you have been attracted to?
    BTW I still don’t get email notifications so I will check back periodically for new comments or replies.😃

    1. ^all those mind games and the way she spoke to me.
      she probably wasn’t a full blown sociopath,
      but she was very manipulative and emotionally abused me.
      it definitely effected my choices in people i had in my life.
      once i started reading up on socio traits,
      i saw everything pretty much started with her.

    2. ^i don’t understand why it isn’t working.
      i tried everything.
      i’m wondering if the update i did screwed it up?
      wordpress/jetpack updates are starting to be a hassle.

  3. Jamari, you may have very well have saved a life with this post.

    I sit back and think to myself how can one person want to dominate another, body and soul? How can someone be so genuinely evil? The wolf I was dealing with was BEAUTIFUL. But he NEEDED control. He craved it, and I wanted to give it to him. I wanted to submit and he would get violent when I didn’t give it up as quickly as he wanted. While I was messing with him, my body wasn’t my own. I was taken by his handsomeness and masculinity. He was just so raw. I consider myself to be a strong willed person, but it showed me that, under the right curcumstances, someone can relinquish control to another, no matter the situation.

    People like that want to control others because its easier to control another than to deal and gain control of the demons in thier own life. Toxic people.

    1. ^i HATE they are allowed to walk the earth.
      preying on folks because they need to be in control of someone else.
      it i scary af.
      i’m glad i’m “up” now and learning to love me.
      it’s been an eye opener.
      i love you said:

      “I consider myself to be a strong willed person, but it showed me that, under the right curcumstances, someone can relinquish control to another, no matter the situation.”

      so deep.
      male or female, can fall victim to their games.

  4. another tactic they all love to use is “gaslighting”.
    that is when you call them out and they will make it seem like you are crazy.

    “that never happened!” – when it did
    “you are being crazy.” – when they are
    “you are imagining things” – you didn’t
    “that person is lying/doesn’t know what they are talking about” – they actually do.

    1. Being gaslit is the WORST smh. Had actually photo evidence of what dis guy was doing. And he said I was “over thinking” lol. Also got a “you don’t know what you’re talking about” too. As a reasonably intelligent person I was confused, angry, and insulted. Looking back the guy was simply a narcissist and manipulative AF. Glad I know what kind of red flags to look out for. Its insidious.

  5. Maybe its the mental health professional in me, but I don’t like to use the sociopath label all freely.

    Statistics actually say sociopaths are rare in the population

    I think we’re mostly talking about manipulative, or maybe even narcissistic individuals.

    Mi is just Bipolar and her youth makes her even more impetuous and self centered.

    I’ve worked with hundreds of mentally ill. Some evil and scary people with that “veil of charm and sanity” to fool you, but zero sociopaths.

    1. Agreed! A real sociopath is a whole nother level! Manipulative and narcissistic really fits the bill about the people were talking about! THOSE traits are very common among people, but being a sociopath is a condition, not just a character trait.

    2. ^okay good,
      because I have have a question.

      can narcissists have sociopathic tendencies?
      they all seem to operate under the same umbrella?
      this is all judging from the things ive read online.
      maybe all of these people were narcissistic,
      but they all had similar traits to what i read of sociopaths.
      maybe not a full blown version of it.

      im just asking because we rarely speak on issues like this.
      many need to know what they may come against letting people in their lives,
      or notice tendencies of ones already in there.


        This article is one of my favorites, as its simple and to the point.

        You mean sociopathic tendencies as in not feeling guilt or remorse?

        I think when we’re talking traits of a sociopath, they always fall on the extreme side of the spectrum.

        Plenty of people lie, manipulate, and don’t care about how they treat people lol

        A sociopath isn’t really likely to interact with many people long enough to fuck up your life lol

      2. LMAO. Man, we don’t need articles to tell us something is wrong with a person(s) in our life. All we have to do is look at their actions and how they speak behave towards us and others. We have a tendency to brush things aside or tuck them away, thinking that person will change. Unfortunately for many, it comes too late and they are either killed or seriously injured by that person.

        Self love is a great thing in addition to having positive role models in our lives, because it teaches you to get the garbage out of your life and move in circles that are going with the flow…and not trying to hold you back.

    1. I wonder if she knew about his history of domestic violence? I have noticed often people( men and women) know their partner has been violent in the past yet they still get involved with them.I don’t understand that.I like to learn from other people’s mistakes .When a person has been abusive to others that’s a sign for me to stay away from that person.

      1. Colette…I think most people go into situations like that because they believe they are the one who can change that person. Sadly, it doesn’t happen and they become another statistic and/or victim.
        It is sad. I had a cousin who was dating a guy that was abusive. He had a past history of beating up his girlfriends/baby mamas. He sweet talked her (he was a handsome guy) and she fell for his lines. My brother and I tried to tell her not to get involved with him but she didn’t listen. In the “nice” & “sweet talk” phase he had her walking on air. After a couple of months, the REAL dude showed up.

        They got into an argument one night in HER apartment, and he threw her out of HER apartment, after he punched her. We called the cops and when they got there, she was embarrassed and didn’t want to press charges. My brother and I pulled her to the side and told her she better press charges, because if he hit her once he was going to do it again. Sweet talk ore not. all the while he yelling I’m sorry boo, I love you, It won’t happen again, etc. She pressed charges, and while they were searching him they found a bag of crack in his pockets. Apparently he was selling out of her place, to some of her neighbors. He went to jail for a while. When he got out he went back to one of his baby mamas. Every now and then you see her with a bruise. Some people never learn.

  6. Most of these insta “models” people worship are sociopaths. A man who constantly feels the need to post photos of himself shirtless aint right in the head.

  7. to be honest I am glad to see this being mentioned because we do have a lot of socios and psychopaths in our lives some that come in and do subtle shit then big shit and some that are family that you can’t remove from your life.

    It’s really sad because there really isn’t a thing that can be done about these people to really change them like nothing a psychologist can really do to help them see that what they are doing is fucked up.

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