Marvin Bienaime Gets Us Chocolate Wasted Off Travis Cure

do you see what that yellow does for his skin tone?
darker skin tones should always pull off bright colors.
it does wonders for you.
so travis cure,
a foxhole fav,
 found his way over to marvin bienaime‘s photography den.
i knew they would make magic together…

i hope marvin does one of those teaser videos with travis.
one where he is eating a candy bar or a whole chicken.
he will be on essence’s homepage by the morning.

lowkey: travis has made it far than the others.
i’m impressed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Marvin Bienaime Gets Us Chocolate Wasted Off Travis Cure”

  1. He is better looking in photos and on the Gram than in person. I thought I would pass out when I saw him but I did not.

    On the other end, I’m wondering if Marvin smashed any of the eye candy or vice versa?

  2. I wonder if Marvin got out of Miami I see he was complaining about the airlines jacking up the prices for flights out of MIA because of Hurricane Irma.
    I see there are mass evacuations in Florida.Prayers to everyone in the path of the storm.🙏

  3. I’ve worked with Travis before on a boudoir photoshoot I did with one of my best friends and let me tell yo,u he is even more handsome and humble in person.. I have unreleased BTS footage from the shoot that I never got around to editing to turn into a Valentine’s Day teaser video that is EVERYTHING!

  4. How the entire FUCK does Marvin get to work with these fine men? Like, this man marvin is seriously in a lane of his own. Probably the only photographer that is so well known for his work on social media. He can make eating bird doo-doo look so damn good I bet 🙂

    1. I am not sure if you are trying to be funny but if he has ever had herpes then he still has it since there is no cure.

      1. You asked, “Does he STILL have herpes? I replied, there is no cure so if ever had it then he still has it.
        “Does he have herpes?” IDK

  5. One of the Chocolate Trifecta-Travis, Royal and Quinten Barnard have to be some of the most beautiful Black men on the planet. I wish all 3 would do a photo shoot together. Travis is a beautiful man, I would say more but I dont want to violate my restraining order he has against me. LMAO. Seriously this man will have me working overtime to buy him some protein shakes and workout gear. Any new photoshoots from him is always a welcomed treat.

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