Is Cynthia Bailey Is Getting Her Groove Back With A New Wolf?

cynthia bailey,
of “rhoa” fame,
is a milf.
she is a beautiful vixen who gets better with age.
she allegedly also has a new wolf in her life.
a f-bi sent me the scoop.
let’s font about this meat…

everyone meet will jones:

he is a motivational speaker,
and a side of “daddy wolf”:

and she posted this on her ig:

they make a sexy couple!
they are both equally attractive.
get it cynthia!
she deserves a glo up in the wolf department!
he is the type of wolf you meet once you heal after bad break up.
nothing is better than an upgrade!!!
when your ex sees ya’ll together:

he shits on himself instantly.

lowkey: i would love to get her black frames with clear lenses.
the ones she wears.
hook a fox up!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Is Cynthia Bailey Is Getting Her Groove Back With A New Wolf?”

  1. Entrepreneur, motivational speaker…who was the other chick on RHOA that dated a “motivational speaker” who became unhinged. Wasn’t it Sheree?
    This screams “opportunist” to me. Lol

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