The Singer Wolf, His Taste for Bunz, and Possible Exposure?

rnbwolfsingerhmmonce upon a time,
in a state far far away,
there was an up and coming r & b singer wolf by the name of mister sing your drawz off.
now mister sing your drawz off was quite handsome.
while he was getting his career together on one side,
he was addicted to the taste of honey bunz on the other side of his bed.
now wait.
don’t you go thinkin’ he has fully crossed over.
not at all.
he also likes pussy platter on fleek.
well he was getting into the bunz of another r n b singer fox.
it ended up being a relationship after a while.
in doing that,
he was also smashin’ an up and coming rapper fox on the side.
mister sing your drawz off was a busy wolf.
well one faithful day…

the rapper fox found out he was nothing but a “stick n run”.
a side piece.
something late at night.
his cakes were not being exclusively eaten.
in finding this out,
i’m sure he was pissed and was dropped immediately from the team.
well fast forward to 2015,
mister sing your drawz off is a big deal.
the rapper fox isn’t.
he is still bitter from some shit that happened years ago.
even though he has been other wolves in the industry,
the pipe from mister sing your drawz off was that good.
it got so bad that rapper fox went to one of his shows and damn near fought his manager.
you know when the pipe was on FLEEK,
it will have you randomly weeping about it years later:

Santana_Cryingthe foxmail i was sent last week,
mister sing your drawz off will allegedly be exposed for his dirty wolf ways.
sometime this year.
i know who it is,
but of course:
i’m not into the outing business.
i’ll save that for other blogs.
it seems like the rapper fox is coming hard,
but for his neck.
the moral of the story is this:

you can’t fight who you smash.
sometimes shit just happens.
when you are trying to pursue a career tho,
one thats in the public eye,
people you did wrong will want to tell all.
where there is smoke,
there is definitely a arsonist trying to burn your forest down.
best bet is keep your mouth closed and let your fan base handle it.
mister sing your drawz off has a pretty loyal fan base.
well the don’t buy his records,
but thats another story.
if people truly have your back,
they won’t believe the words of a nobody.
let them bury themselves with their own shovel.
well unless a foxxx or naked pics are involved.
then you’re completely fucked.

just a piece of foxy advice.
oh and don’t ask me who its about because i ain’t tellin.
now if you are mister sing your drawz off,
and you KNOW this is about you,
well we can discuss privately.

Disclaimer: FOX WIRES are submitted by my readers and are protected by Federal Statute 47 U.S.C. 230. and Jamari Fox can not confirm 100% accuracy of any FOX WIRES that are posted. Names and aliases will be removed for privacy purposes and to protect the ratchet.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “The Singer Wolf, His Taste for Bunz, and Possible Exposure?”

    1. ^yup.

      this is happening with athletes,
      white folks,
      black folks…

      people have fun during the process and then become stars.
      forget they have a ratchet past and evidence.

  1. Unless this up and coming/washed up rapper fox has receipts, HOE SIT DOWN! Put your big boy, cum/foxhole juice stained, panties on and realize this is LIFE. Shit doesn’t always go your way. What? He thought “Mr. Sing Your Draws Off” was gonna love you publicly and ride off into the sunset with him?!? #boystop 🙄

    1. ^his instagram is a mess.
      like 2 likes on each picture.
      some with none.
      i was NOT impressed.
      he is trying to make “fetch” happen and…
      i don’t think its gonna happen.

  2. I think I know two of the parties involved. I’ll just have to wait for the rapper to leak it, but I ain’t holding my breath. Years will have passed and still nothing. On top of that, you can’t bring up shit from a decade ago to expose someone. If it is not within the past few years, it won’t work.

  3. This is sad! I hope this doesn’t ruin “mister sing your draws off” career! Whoever he is. Why can’t people just let others be happy and stop judging them on who they like to sleep with! I don’t care that some of these athletes, rappers, singers, and actors are gay! I care about their talent! But alas, everyone does not think like me! So many of these male celebrities (especially the black ones) would lose all kinds of checks if their fans knew they were gay! It’s really sad!

  4. Well Damn, something tells me that this is going to happen. I dont know about yall, but 2015 has already started out really weird to me. Its like a undercurrent is in the country and something big is about to happen either good or bad, I cant quite place my finger on it but its something, it seems like many things are being revealed and many things in our country are going to change. Black people have waken up to a new activism of stopping the racial prejudice that has gone on too long and the police brutality. Many of us are sick and tired of trashy reality shows and our tuning out and boycotting and I think many more Black men are going to come to the light about liking other men, I have a feeling a big name Black person is going to come out this year and change the game and Blow everybody out the damn water and hell this person in the story may be the one. I dont know, but I do know that no one is safe in the world of social media, everyone wants to be a damn star and will do whatever it takes to get put on or their name in lights no matter how foul. This is going to be a interesting year, and we heard it first in the foxhole. Stay Tuned.

    1. ^funny you say that t.

      i hear rumblings that there is a an black actor wolf,
      b list because of a hit tv show,
      is planning on coming out this year.
      he is in a relationship with a white fox.

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