The Ratchetness of August “September” Alsina Continues

august-alsina-550x592so i knew september was going to show up sooner or later.
oh thats august alsina‘s ratchet alter ego.
so he was involved in a little spat last night.
he performed at the “state of emergency” concert in st louis.
it was in honor of mike brown.
now see…
you already know spatting during a tribute is completely ghetto.
anyway due to sound issues during his set,
reports are saying he got into it with a promoter named “slim” backstage.
of course theshaderoom got the pictures and video…

september you stop this right now!
um why is he always getting into it with promoters?
isn’t this like the second incident?
i keep asking where is his publicist and no one seems to have an answer.
if you were worried,
september was not harmed in this incident.
that force field of pineapple and the incredible hulk def protected him from any harm.
august and september:
get it all the way together.
from the foxhole with love.

lowkey: do we need a bullet proof vest for an august alsina concert as well?

videos/pictures: theshaderoom

12 thoughts on “The Ratchetness of August “September” Alsina Continues

  1. The reason I love my people, because we are no nonsense, but it is also the reason I hate my people because we go from 0 to a 100 on each other way too much instead of trying to work things out and talk them out, and I am just as guilty at times, especially in my younger days, so I will give him a pass. The demands of fame or tough on anyone and if you have not had much exposure, or literally grew up on the streets raising yourself as it seems this young man did, you only know one way to handle a situation and you forget that you are a public figure and everything you do is going to be judge and scrutinized. So many young brothers would rather save face instead of handling things intelligently. A real man never needs to raise his fist to his brother over petty $hit. August get it together Bro, we already have the Light Skin Bobby Brown doing the most, maybe you are going to take his spot since he may be going back to the Pokey.

    1. ^Amen, Seti!! Amen!
      These entertainers need to stop this foolishness. They have no one to blame but themselves for anything that happens to them. They need to understand that they can hot one minute…and forgotten the next! Get it together!

  2. August Alsina is an intelligent young man but his desire is to remain G-Code (90s reference meaning gangster) is really unattractive. I really like him but I also secretly wish for an update that reads, “August Alsina enrolls in such and such community college” instead of this CB type fuckery. (And I love Breezy but you have to admit the asshole look is PLAYED.) They’re both too grown for that mess.

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