Not Everyone Is Going To Play “The Villain” In Your Life

something told me to font the following.
it could be for one foxholer or maybe 20.
i don’t know who needs it,
but i had to learn it for my own life as well…

Stop letting one person define what you think about everyone else

you ever heard someone say:

“i don’t like gays because they are all perverts.
my uncle was gay and he molested me when i was a kid.
now i think they are all out to get me like my uncle did…”

but that’s your uncle tho.
one person.
his character was fucked up.
i’m sure there are other gays just as fucked up,
but the rest of us don’t do shit like that.
that one jackal (the uncle) doesn’t speak for everyone.
how about:

“most of the wolves from my childhood use to bully me when i was younger.
they would call me gay,
a sissy,
and other hurtful things.
as i grew up,
i was mostly hurt by males and never could keep male friends.
i don’t trust them.

a majority of gay or straight wolves treated me like shit.”

that is my confession from my finger tips.
star fox wasn’t fucked up tho.
neither are a few other males i’ve met.
those jackals and hyenas were fucked up.
most of them saw me as different and an easy target.
they don’t speak for the others.
if i put walls up,
i’ll never meet anyone or take a risk.
i won’t get any dick either.

some folks are just meant to be the villains.
there are a legion of genuinely good people out in these forests.

so we all need to stop doing this.
i think it’s hindering us.
it has hindered me for a long time.
it’s a big reason why it’s hard for me to date/fuck.
after being rejected by a couple males,
it put me into an emotional steel cage,
but i’m lonely and i’m getting insanely horny.
things need to change.
i propose to start giving everyone a rope.
start watching their actions and how they treat(ed) others.
keep your business on lock down until you see the true character.
you will meet a couple jokers.
some will needed to be avoided like poison ivy.
if/when they hang themselves,
you can simply cut them off and keep it entirely moving.


remember: we have also hurt others too,
yet we want others still take a chance on us.

lowkey: the straight males need to stop thinking every gay wants them.
the blacks need to stop think every white person is the enemy.
the vixens need to stop thinking every black male is a coon.
the gays need to stop thinking every male is a conquest.
a majority of us need to stop being so narcissistic and self absorbed.

5 thoughts on “Not Everyone Is Going To Play “The Villain” In Your Life

  1. Being the “villain” is all relative to me.

    You have to realize how a large portion of the population treats you is based on what you can do for them.

    Gay men are the same way. They largely treat you based on what you can do for them or if they’re attracted to you.

    So one persons villain, may be the next persons best friend🤷🏾‍♂️

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