Jenifer Lewis Had Me All In My Feels Today

jenifer lewis has pretty much been “the mother” to all of black hollywood.
she is one of the reasons i enjoy “blackish”.
her comedic timing is on point on the show.
well i was feeling kinda blah today,
but one of my fav foxholers gave me some life in my box.
it was jenifer’s interview with “the breakfast club”.
i wanted to share with the foxhole…

i think that was one of their best interviews.
i could not stop watching and held onto every word.
as someone who suffers with depression,
it’s great to see her bringing awareness to mental illness.
like she said…
when you you’re honest about you,
no one can come for you.
she dropped a lot of gems on “the breakfast club”.
i plan on watching again.
i am gonna get her book,
“jenifer lewis: the mother of black hollywood”,
as soon as i get paid.

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5 thoughts on “Jenifer Lewis Had Me All In My Feels Today

  1. I absolutely loved this interview, it was so raw. She also did an interview for Hollywood Unlocked that was really good. Jenifer is a trip, and I mean that in a good way. I absolutely love how dramatic and animated she is. Also when you think about it she has been a lot of these celebrities Mom on screen, and her resume speaks for itself. I love how she knows the number to her movies, television shows, etc.

  2. Great interview.

    I love how she didn’t shy away from discussing being molested by her pastor, her sex addiction,bipolar disorder,going to therapy,etc in her book.I remember her joking that writing the book almost killed her because she had to read through all the journals she has kept since she was a child and had to relive all the dark times.

    Jussie Smollett had a good interview with The Breakfast Club today.Of course Charlamagne couldn’t get through an interview with a gay guy without bringing up Tops/Bottoms.

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