I Was Looking At Clarence Hairline (I Swear I Was!)

clarence is handsome,
but he is kinda dry.
i like to admire him from ig rather than his vlogs.
i feel like vlogging ends up ruining some of these attentionistos.
one of the reasons i stay away from lamont johnson’s vlog too.
i want to keep that mystique going.
well clarence is dating another youtuber named queen.
i didn’t know clarence was packin like this…

he does have a nice and rounded hairline tho.
who woulda thunk?

lowkey: i know the ratchets already in his dms.
they love to fuck shit up so we don’t get these drops.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “I Was Looking At Clarence Hairline (I Swear I Was!)”

  1. Yeah he has tons of booty videos on tumblr.

    Unusual for someone that tall and slim to have that much ass🤔

    I still don’t get how he had 1 million followers though lol

      1. No he got all his followers from the Queen girl, he was at 25k on YT before they linked up. He’s her rebound after her husband cheated and embarrassed her so he got tons of clout from her.

    1. You sure you thinking of the rite person Jay? I’ve never found anything of him worth while on tumblr, and from the looks of him on YouTube & insta vids he looks like a shorty

  2. He was exposed for anti-dark skin tweets a while ago.

    Also, I hate when these insta whores decide to become “YouTubers” lol le cringe. I forgot that Lamont Johnson vlogs lol, he is just another George Hill in my eyes, except without the cringey “seductive” videos. They look good but when they open their mouths, nothing of substance ever seems to come out of it.

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