So I Saw “Deadpool 2” The Other Night And Well…

i wasn’t sick this time.
my anxiety tends to get the best of me,
but there was no issues on me going to see “deadpool 2”.
can you believe i forgot it was even coming out this weekend?
i ended up buying my tickets on fandango and getting a good seat.
my thoughts (without much spoilers)…

i thought it was good,
but not as good as the first one.
my audience responded pretty well while watching.
there was a lot of action,
some special guests,
but i did have one issue:

WTF was the point?

i mean,
it seemed pretty rushed and “there” like there was solid direction.
i know that is the basis of the “deadpool character”,
but they tried to tie it all together with a twist that fell flat to me.
the jokes were great,
and they made me laugh out loud,
but i kept trying to figure out why one thing led to another.
the ending also didn’t make any sense because if he stopped time,
to go back and stop what started everything,
then none of the events that followed would happen.

a lot of folks that saw it i know had the same thoughts.
some thought it was terrible which i didn’t agree with.

…but i do love deadpool,
so i guess the “experience” in the theater was worth the money.

i will say that i hope that deadpool can cross over with the x-men one day,
but i feel like his character may overpower the entire movie.
he is a star and pretty much dominates the entire screen.
maybe he’ll be better in a setting like “the avengers”?
iron man?
those movies involve comedy and drama,
whereas the x-men can get pretty dark.

i will say i’d like to see him in a movie with wolverine tho.
i want to see their beef addressed.
although it may never happen,
it would be pretty cool if it did.
(why are they even beefing anyway?)
if you saw it…

What did you think of Deadpool 2?


lowkey: from the trailers,
i want to see these two movies in the theater next…

i’m really enjoying this “going to movies alone” thing.
it’s helping me break my anxiety slowly.
next will be a restaurant..

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “So I Saw “Deadpool 2” The Other Night And Well…”

      1. I didn’t really either before I got a pass. Now I see everything instead of just for productions that I know will be good. Even if you go once a month it pays for itself.

  1. And I loved the movie. I’m hoping it’s a Segway into a X-Force series and that’s why they introduced Cable and Domino. I think a lot of it is going to be determined by these new X-Men based series like The New Mutants

    1. ^you are right.
      i really liked dominos character.
      i was hoping she wouldn’t have gotten killed like the others when he formed that that group lol

  2. I didn’t really think the first movie was all that good plot wise, so I’m not expecting much.

    I understand how the character is but you can’t use Ryan Reynolds monologues to make up for a lack of a storyline🤷🏾‍♂️

    People are distracted by the dirty jokes though.

    People legit thought the first movie was good so I guess I’m in the minority.

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