The Journey Of The Great Fox


Have you ever stopped,
looked around you,
and asked yourself:


… and no,
I do not mean because of a slight case of amnesia.
I mean…

All of us have a testimony.
We have all gone through some great tremendous events that help shape our characters and lives to this moment.
The things we experienced in our past, whether good or bad, brought us to this point.
So in a few years, we will look back at this point and hopefully we will have made it to another point.

I have been through a lot and I am still going through a lot.
I’m not where I WANT to be but right now, I am where I NEED to be.

Check it…
I was walking through my crib this morning with my cup of coffee and I had that “whoa” moment.
I never would have thought I would have made it out of that dark period.
Everything was going wrong and people were doing me wrong.
I had major insecurities and I hated every inch of my Fox-dom.
I was extremely suicidal and blah blah blah…

Who would have have thought during those dark times that I’d be here,
writing this blog, and inspiring Foxes alike?
I certainly didn’t.

God pulled a fast one on me.

So I’m asking you…

How did you get here?

…and if you haven’t,
where are you going?

Please share…

2 thoughts on “The Journey Of The Great Fox

  1. I got to where I am now because i always held on to the idea that one day i will be happy. That eventually I’ll be self-sufficient with my own space and routine. Everything I went through and continue to go through (school is really wearing down on me lol) will all have been worth it. I’m not where I want to be yet but I still have time to get there.

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