How Life Is Teaching Me To Relax and Love the Time Bomb


i was sitting on my couch,
reading a book,
and i started to drift into some sad place.
it’s a saturday night and i’m home.
i have no money in my cc account to spend,
no friends i would really want to hang with,
and lord knows i would love to buy myself something pretty.
i suddenly caught myself in my feelings.
uh oh.
i decided to counter it.
which was weird as hell for me.
i usually go deep when i’m depressed,
over thinking and all kinds of shit,
but i’m tired of that.
i looked at things from a positive standpoint.
you would have been proud of me…

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#boom #crunch #splat (Fucked).

imagine being in a car.
any car.
it’s yours and you are driving.
it’s a beautiful day.
sun is out.
windows down.
wind blowing in your face.
you are driving to your next destination.
the next pit stop.
it’s been a long journey,
but you have enough gas to last a while.
stop sign.
you follow the rules of the road.
as soon as you pull off to get to the next street,
a pick up truck slams the fuck into you.
car-crash12you = car.
the pick up truck = life.
the outcome….

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Should You Just Keep On Chasing Pavements?


everyone has dreams.
everyone has goals.
everyone wants to be the star.
everyone is a rapper, singer, model, or actor.
but out of the billions of people in this world…

Who truly makes it?

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Tell Me What You Want From Me (MONEY), Take a Look At What You See (BREAD)

Real quick,
I’m not even going to go into a whole entry because I forgot to get to THIS….
but what is THIS nigga doing?

At that moment, Ma$e was definitely your “favorite rapper’s favorite rapper,” as all of the artists proceeded to take photos with Ma$e and show an extreme amount of love for him. Ma$e would later come out with French Montana and Wale to perform the “Slight Work” remix.

He makes me so sick….

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Let me ask you a question…

Have you thought about where you are right now?
Are you happy?
Are you satisfied?
Or, are you miserable?

Look at your surroundings…
Are you prospering?
Are you struggling?
Or, are you simply a broke mess?

Look at the people around you…
Are they doing better than you?
Are they losers with no ambition?
And, most importantly, can you trust them?

This is called SELF REFLECTION.
And I am here to tell you that currently,
I am in the begin stages of a SELF RE-INVENTION

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The Journey Of The Great Fox


Have you ever stopped,
looked around you,
and asked yourself:


… and no,
I do not mean because of a slight case of amnesia.
I mean…

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