Should You Just Keep On Chasing Pavements?


everyone has dreams.
everyone has goals.
everyone wants to be the star.
everyone is a rapper, singer, model, or actor.
but out of the billions of people in this world…

Who truly makes it?

everyone has a different idea of success.
some are content working as a store or office manager.
others want to rule in the entertainment world replacing beyonce or jay z.
but, the scary part about life is that there are so many detours and pitfalls,
you may not even make it to the back of the line.
yo ass may miss the bus all together.

i know so many people who have gone to college,
got huge degrees,
and even were on the dean’s list.
they had huge turn outs at their congratulations parties.
they even had me wonder where i stood in life.
but, fast forward to them not even working in the career they went to school for.
i know so many “administrative assistants” it would blow your mind.
i mean, shit, how about the people who have no job?


i don’t get it.
maybe i shouldn’t care.
maybe i should care because i often wonder how do i know i will be a success?
life is moving so slow and the quiet is often very loud.
you look around you and everyone is living their best life,
even if 95% of time it is their best lie.
should i just give it to god and hope for the best?

life is so funny today.
the ones who don’t put in the effort make it farther.
the ones who do end up stagnant.
is the “stagnant” a case of believing your own hype?
angela basset went to school for acting and has no awards.
halle berry fucked a white man on film and won an oscar.
people have so many “yes” people around them that the truth is sometimes nonexistent.
the truth only rings loud and clear when you don’t “make it” and everyone leaves your ass.

so even if you have a little flow,
a nice jump shot,
or extremely good looks….
does that always lead to success?
and what really is that exact path to your golden ticket?
a little ruthlessness?
suck/fuck the right dicks?

Like the title…

Should you keep on chasing pavements…
…even if it leads to nowhere?

7 thoughts on “Should You Just Keep On Chasing Pavements?

  1. @luckey.. you have said more than a mouth full. People are so smart these days that they are dumb. Totally distracted, easily bored and always needing to be stimulated (worshipped, look at me, I am important, being on the scene, being everything they think everyone wants to “make it”, etc.) Very few really know what they want to do or be, so whichever way the wind blows, they go. The key is to develop enough skills and trades, so that when one industry goes bust, you can fall back on something to continue to survive. Also, having multiple streams of income is great.

  2. In order to success in life we have to strive for what it is that we want because nothing in life will be handed to us. The people who get by will only get by for so long because the people helping them get by will eventually disappear and then they will have no one to turn too. The ones chasing those pipe dreams will eventually see that it’s not going to work for them.

  3. Life is what you make it. Make every day count because you don’t when it make might be your last.

    The best advice I could give anyone is to be their authentic self and live life on your OWN terms. You don’t need a college degree to be successful but there is nothing wrong with getting one just in case. You don’t need a 9-5 to be wealthy and content but it’s okay if you want one anyway. You don’t need a man/woman to be happy.

    For years, I felt like I was a failure but then I learn of some many of the greats, who all failed over and over. Tina Turner didn’t become a STAR until she was well in her 40s. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. I could go on.

    The journey is the important part because you learn so much and you grow as a human being but you have to embrace all your trials and tribulation and learn from them! 2012 was an awesome year for me but the coming years are going to be 10x better and I pray to God that I live to see that. I am planting seeds everywhere.

    We also live in a very demonic world. There is a lot that we don’t know or suppose to know about. They keep us ‘entertained’ to distract us from knowing what’s REALLY going on in the world. We gotta live life to the fullest and PAY ATTENTION.

    I wouldn’t advise ANYONE to get into the industry of any sort. Better ask Michael Jackson…wait he is dead.

    I encourage you to check out this series of videos…definitely an eye opener!

  4. I believe that the reward, partly, comes from the journey and that your satisfaction, to some degree, should come from that. If you’re only focused on where you’re going, you’ll never notice the beautiful scenery along the way.

    It’s great to have a goal. It’s great to have a plan. But you have to want your goal so bad that you don’t mind taking a few detours.

    I don’t know too many established people who are using their degree in their career. My friend was Pre-Med and is now a VP Exec. for a major company. Didn’t go to school for business. Doesn’t even hold a MBA.

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