The Army Wolf, With The Cake Sucking Lips, Who Is Also A Part Time Rapper

can i just say that i love your emails?
you send me such good stuff to post and i am always so appreciative.


i got an email from a vixen who has been a huge fan of my site.
she saw the following wolf on wshh and wanted me to post him.
she thinks i may like how he looks:


being as how i am the number 1 wolf eater on the internet,
i decided to post.
everyone meet @jbrooka.

he is a rapper,
he has been in the army,
and he has the lips sculpted personally someone to sit on.

not to mention a body that needs to be covered in nestle.

now, this entry will not be complete without his music.
since we are 2 million views deep in the foxhole,
i’ll let you decide what you will do with him…



attractive wolf.
nice gear.
entourage of slackers.
nice body.
…and that’s it?

we need more from you jbrooka.

especially if you want my foxes/wolves/and hybrids to take you seriously.
since i work within the entertainment industry,
you will have to BRING IT if you trying to compete with the NY & Southern Rapper Wolves.
you are cute tho.
i’d let you lick this cake a few times.

btw, star fox did some digging about you and i have to ask:

who is jae brooks?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “The Army Wolf, With The Cake Sucking Lips, Who Is Also A Part Time Rapper”

      1. Eww he’s a bottom , that makes u a super bottom if u bottom for a bottom . Finger this nigha and hell be all it’s begging for dick

    1. I just peeped his twitter game… Weak af did this clown nigga just tweet ” the longer I sit here looking at you the longer my pipe gets” dead

  1. He is wack!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to head right back to the army. Why does everything think they are cut out to be a rapper? Ask him to do a battle on 106 and Park.

  2. When are these guys gonna understand that’s it’s no room for male rappers. Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay Z and Kanye got the rap game on lock; and that’s not changing for a while.

    Dude may not can rap, but I’ll let him kiss me with those lips tho. He can get it too.

  3. Meh. He’s raising his eyebrows a little and lowering his eyes like a majority of mothafuckas with a camera phone. He’s not all that cute but his body is solid. We could be friends.

    1. Bahaha he looks like he knows how to use instagram well, when I sign up for one he could teach me how to use it to like hoes an keep em coming, he’s not attractive per se just takes good pics and the army did his body well ps: I think whoever sent you the link is lowly trying to help him boost his views

    1. This jamari dude always puts himself in a position like that. Like real talk, Jamari you need to stop inflating the egos of these wanna be rappers, models, trainers etc, you come off wayy toooooo thirsty and pressed to post their pics, that’s how you come off and that’s how they perceive you. You have 2milli plus views nigga, post some legit folk, (Rob Evans?) etc. Quit running after these things on twitter and get your shit legit, u ever peeped rod 2.0 and luckeystar, not comaring u, u do ur thing, just saying u have 2million plus views now so stop chasing any and every thing that visits a gym and gets a 6 pack. Real talk, if u lacking guys to post i can let up some of my hhomeboys u can lust after or shid u can just post mine, than running after unattractive gym wanna be rappers. CMON SON! do better

  4. Nice body but the song is just pure fuckery rep the toast to life joint is he African? Sounds like it. He should stick to having a good body and maybe go back to the military cus that looks like it’ll serve him good, otherwise his lyrics are wack

  5. ^davon.
    i get it.
    you are the one to come into my comment to prove you have the bigger dick.
    you want people to notice you.
    you obviously have lacked it somewhere in your life.
    on those rare occasions you do make sense,
    i actually read your submissions.
    i will comment on this foolishness.

    don’t act like i do not post a wide array of wolves.
    from the ballers,
    attention whores,
    and even the regular guy….
    i am a wolf connoisseur.
    i love wolves and i love good looking ones.
    when i get emails, i post the ones i deem fit for comments.

    i posted this guy who someone sent and he was attractive.
    i featured him.
    he featured me.
    he re-posted my link of, in his eyes, an insignificant gay blog.
    what he didn’t realize is he let 300 people know who i am.
    plus, their friends and their other friends.
    they also probably already saved me to their bookmarks for further reading.
    i got views just as much as he did.
    i got more because i am a great blogger and i have 3 legs to stand on.
    this little “gay blog” is read by people in the industry and all over the world.
    2 million views from people who now know who “jbrooka” is…
    …and probably don’t give a damn since his music was terrible.
    if we say you suck, then you definitely suck.

    this “little gay blog” will be a walk in the park compared to the big record execs that will have him doing a multi suck marathon if he gets signed.
    he probably won’t,
    but he can dream.
    face it,
    he is no nas, jay z, meth, dmx, waka flocka, or even nelly to be taken seriously.

    for someone who is so thirsty as you called me,
    i see your name up in here about 5 times.
    i also see that your thirst is real when you are dying for attention with these ignorant comments you leave.
    it’s not working and only making you look as young as you say you are.
    i appreciate people like wolfie, random, man, luckey, JAY, and vain because they can pull me to the side and say, “no more nobodies like this” and be respectable.
    … but you were right on one aspect.

    i did learn you cannot post an entry to ignorant niggas trying to get put on when their are too stuck in their own hype to appreciate it.

    1. Just ignore him Jamari. He talks that shit and then when we gang up on him he wants to sob it up. I wouldn’t have even read any of his comments on this post if he didn’t comment so many damn times. I just don’t understand why he keeps coming to the blog if he doesn’t like it. SMH

      1. Man he ain’t above nothing. He has some deeper issues going on that’s all that is. It’s obvious to me that he’s insecure about something.

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