I Love It, I Love It, I Love It When Beg For My Forgiveness (I Love It When You Eat It)


i don’t think kal looking for tariq,
while beating up a punch bag is exactly a good look.
just sayin….
it wouldn’t exactly make me want to jump in his arms with a “be mine” heart attached.
let’s also not forget the years worth of intense forgiveness makeup cheek eating and condo shopping

i really enjoy this story line on this show.
is it wrong to say i am attracted to kal?
i know that may rile up the church crew with that confession.
but i feel a sympathy for him.
he had no one to help him with his feelings for dudes.
his past is also completely fucked up.
same story for MANY wolves/hybrids/and foxes who are downlow, or even discreet.

but this story line it is sad,
all to real,
and intriguing all in the same breath.
lowkey: i wonder if this is how breezy wolf felt when rihanna threw him the deuces?
but is this all just a nicely written television fantasy?


i started to wonder…
if a wolf beat me to a pulp due to his insecurities,
(which would probably never happen because jamari fox honestly doesn’t play that)
would i be so quick to run back into his arms because he was  truly sorry?

they say we need to forgive and forget.
let bygones be bygones.
but, what happens when your “i forgive you” comes with a warning label?


can a wolf change his insecure fur?
or, once an abuser always an abuser?
in life we are taught to forgive,
but can you really forgive when it leaves bruises?
i had to ask you if you were tariq,
and even after everything you have seen about kal’s past…

Would you have forgiven him?

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “I Love It, I Love It, I Love It When Beg For My Forgiveness (I Love It When You Eat It)”

  1. I hate I missed last weeks episode, I really enjoy the sTory line as well! I believe Kal’s character is veary realistic. Like many people in our community, some of us aren’t given the opportunity to speak to someone about the problems of discovering your sexuality, in an environment that tells us…your wrong or a bad person. He believed his only remedy was violence, unfortunately.I dont condone violence, and believe that Kal was wrong as hell for beating that man like that. I do believe that I would eventually forgive him, because I wouldnt wont that to be a barrier for my good fortunes, but I will NEVER forget nor take him back. Eventhough he is SO SEXY LOL!

  2. I would forgive him, but I would never take him back. I could never be with someone who is a verbal or physical abuser. Like I said before, struggling with sexuality is no excuse for a man to act out, I don’t care what no one says.

    Personally, I think every dude in this life needs at least one friend who gets down. Most of us have that one person that we can talk to about anything regarding this lifestyle but some guys don’t have anyone which makes things worse if a dude is not comfortable with himself. I’m sure some others can relate. Knowing other guys who get down does make a man feel more comfortable with himself because he won’t feel alone. Even though I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin, having friends who are just like me has made a difference in my life and I’m sure others feel the same.

  3. I would say no but to be honest love can make you do some str8 up stupid shit. It’s kinda sad though that I want to see them back together or shit atleast bring in some other hot love interest. Have Kal date the lawyer and Tariq some guy his age

  4. Kal is type of dude you have to deal with on your terms, not his otherwise you face the wrate that Tariq was dealt. Tariq knew what he was getting into BUUUUT that doesn’t justify Kal’s action, however it is what it is when you CHOOSE to deal with a dude in that arena. After the beat down that would be HELL TO THE NAH of dealing with him ever again…you live and learn but I be damn if I would give another chance. Reason being…there is sane dudes out there like Kal (if that is your type) that will not do
    some shit like that. Living reckless usually ends up with DRAMA in the end.

  5. People always say if abuse starts they’re out but When it comes to love, and really having a tie to that person, you’ll be surprised of what you’d put up with, just saying. People always say “oh uh uh… not me…” but when love is involved and you’re hooked…… BTW Im not justifying abuse by any means at all… just being realistic. Ive seen it happen too many times….

  6. So true keyon the “oh uh uh… not me…” many mistresses and Misters started off like that until they found out their wolf were married. Foxie why do married or wolfs with girlfriends lie and trap you in a relationship which relegates you too a secondary or even low priority?

  7. I would forgive him, just because holding hate and resentment in your heart only hurts you in the longrun. With that said I would never be in a relationship with that person or even friends, just because in the back of my mind I will always remember that they beat the shit out of me. Then all those scars would just rush back. I think with Rihanna is the girl never got the closure she was suppose to get it. It was not her decision to end the relationship with Chris which is why I think she is still hung up on him.

  8. I was so turned off by the beat-down at the end of Season One I wanted to kiss the show goodbye and I blogged about how let down I felt.
    But now I watch the show everyday on Youtube. The acting is really superb and nuanced. The silent scene where Kal confesses to Abby what he did was great.
    In the real world if I was Tariq I would not take him back. But this is television, I’m totally invested in the characters and I want a storybook ending.
    I doubt I will get it but hey I want it.

    1. ^^this right here. I low-key hate that they have me rooting for Kal & Tariq even though I know Tariq shouldn’t ever get back with him…cuz he could easily do it again. The chemistry between these two guys was awesome & I’m sad we couldn’t just see Tariq on the show period.

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