A Picture Entry Of The New American Idol Judges

what an exciting group!
they will be live and in motion this january on fox!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “A Picture Entry Of The New American Idol Judges”

  1. What in the hell does Randy have on in that pic? He ain’t cute LOL. American Idol is just trying to get people to tune in that’s all. Mariah is the only one I approve of out of all of them anyway.

  2. Randy will be a mentor this season, not a judge. This will allow him to focus more on his life and career since he will not have to travel for the auditions.

    It is about time that they hired a real singer (Mariah) with talent, years of experience, and album/record sales to sit at the table. I don’t follow Keith’s career, so I will not comment. Nicki…uhhh…yeah. She was definitely hired because she is an “of-the-moment” entertainer right now. I can almost guarantee that she andMmariah WILL NOT be sitting next to each other. I cannot see that happening.

  3. let me put it this way. Mariah carey = The professional singer ,the other two guys as yeah lets put some guys in it and nicki minaj as “Yeah she is famous everybody love her and hate her at the same why not? we will get a lot of ratings” !!!

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