If You Have A Dick, Don’t Be Front Row At A Miguel Concert

miguel is one big pussy… monster?
i caused too much controversy today with jbrooka.
i’ll let you guys handle this one…

According to Bet’s review of an intimate show he had at Joe’s Pub the adorn singer said

“May I have a water on the stage, please, and more women in the front,” he said. “There’s too many men up here. With all due respect, fellas, I’m not playing.”

Now I would Usually call him an ungrateful piece of shit . Disenfranchising the few fans he has . But I probably see where he comes from. There were probably too many males  in the front row and he wanted some of the ladies to come forward. It reeks of insecurity and honestly any male fan in that regardless of their sexuality will feel awful . My advice to him especially as a new artist .Try not to alienate any of your fans .


now i will say….
what “straight male singer” wants to look down and see a bunch of foxes/wolves/and hybrids?
his audience SHOULD be vixens in the front row.
but since the foxhole nation actually buys the music of a good looking wolf/fox/hybrid….

… then i don’t know what to tell ya.

i’m looking at the email now.
i think it was for industry people to promote his new music.
it was labelled a “surprise concert”.
i went somewhere else instead,
but i invited a vixen to go with me in case i was going.
i knew A TON of industry foxes/hybrids that went.
i should make some calls.

and why are they writing about this now?
this concert happened a while ago.
like a month 1/2 while ago.

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20 thoughts on “If You Have A Dick, Don’t Be Front Row At A Miguel Concert”

  1. I’ve always wondered why, with today’s lack of people purchasing music, that they would do anything to alienate fans? Straight men love R&B. Or at least a sensitive male who makes music (Drake) because their songs are expressions of emotions heterosexual men are afraid to verbalize. I always thought straight men like Mi(guel)chelle too. If they buy your albums then you’re doing something right. But the gay boys are the one who promote your stuff and purchase your albums in bulk (See: Beyonce fans). I even prefer her music over the other male R&B singers out now and i don’t care for male R&B in general. I hope that she realizes that a fan is a fan is a fan.

    And are we still pretending that she is heterosexual? Because the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes to me…

  2. His music is “geared” toward women, so why would he want a bunch of men sitting in the front row?

    I don’t know if Miguel partakes, but with the wave of R&B singers displaying bulges and ass (sagging) on stage as the gyrate for their (female) fans, why would any of them want an army of men in the front row, regardless of their true sexual identity?

    1. At an actual concert, I might see that – though in the end if those are the fans who paid for the tickets…those are the people who paid for the tickets.

      But this was a free industry event – looks like to showcase his new album. I can see that it would be more male-dominated. There was no reason to get diva-like and ask for the dudes to move. They’re the ones who will write about & promote your album. Sitcho azz down, drink your water, & sing *shrug*

  3. Damn Miguel..and I like your music. I’ll still listen though..He is probably boring in concert, so I will never attend one.

  4. As far as an male R&B artists not wanting too many men in the front row, if your music is good enough to resonate with everyone whats the problem? Not all men want to listen to hip hop 24/7.

    I could see how that would be a problem if your claim to fame was taking off your shirt and singing sex music (Trey Songz and Chris Brown).

    Brian McKnight and Luther Vandross ain’t never had to take their shirts off to drive women wild!

  5. Damn guess I’ll erase his songs out of my music library.

    I’m really disappointed in the artists we have today.

    Brian McKnight never had to say anything like that before and everyone has forgotten how big his music was. R. Kelly had just as many male fans as female friends.

    This shit right here is why I don’t really jam any music made after 1998, except for like three artists. The quality has gone down and the egos have swelled. Everyone has a gimmick. All these artists like Frank Ocean and Miguel want to be different so bad its forced.

  6. the problem is these new r&b male divas are so full of themselves.
    these same “men” paid good money to attend the concert.
    (well this miguel concert was free).

    michael jackson and prince didn’t care if their front row had men.
    hell, beyonce has a front row of females.

    i guess half of these singers prefer their men backstage.
    ok bye!

    1. If it’s an industry event, why is he tripping? He’s tryna get put on more, he better act right. Wanna-be Prince…

      I can see saying it playfully, but otherwise — have a seat ma’am.

  7. Damn *rips Adorn off playlist*

    Didn’t Tyrese do something similar a while back? A male fan grabbed his shirt when he through it in the audience, and Tyrese got upset. Then he named the tour “Ladies ONLY!” or something. I just wish things like homosexuality were more socially acceptable in the black community. I know Billie Joe (from Green Day) and various other rock artists invite their male fans onstage and make out with them.

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