Boosie Describes His First Gay Encounter

nothing scares a pineapple straight like some jail time.
rapping hyena,
was scared straight in prison.

he was very detailed about his very first gay encounter on ig live…

he was very descriptive,
wasn’t he?
i guess that proves the pineapples be fuckin’ each other in prison.
he went on to how he smashed a correctional officer:

i do hear the vixen correctional officers allegedly fuck the inmates.
i bet they give them a good fuckin’ too.
all that pent up sexual energy.
of course,
they fuck up and get pregnant like a dumb ass.
this hood vixen i know said when her pineapple got out of jail,
he fucked her all damn day.
i guess they made up for lost time.
he was already fine,
but came out with the standard prison bawdy.
i can only imagine what that pipe was like.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Boosie Describes His First Gay Encounter”

  1. Every time i hear about this guy it’s about gay stuff . I know no straight pineapple going in about it like this all the time , I wonder?

    1. Right, every is all gay, all the time since he got out of jail. He even said that the cartoons were making kids gay. lol Do thou protest or care too much? lol

    1. The gag is, pineapples from Baton Rouge have some gay undertones though. *sips tea* Oh yes hunny, I’ve had one youngin ask me about how his nails look. SMH

  2. It’s blatantly obvious that Boosie is fighting the fact that he’s a little more turned on by male on male sexual encounters than he’d like to be. The thing with these dudes is the fact that they are put in situations where they are exposed to homosexuality & SHOCKED by the fact that instead of being turned off, a part of them is turned on by it. Makes them ANGRY that if even for a second, they could actually enjoy the sight of a naked man or even somehow get erect after seeing two men physically engaging. He probably has not ever kissed, touched or f*ckd another dude, but he’s definitely not as opposed to it as he is forcibly going off about it. No man initiates this level of “disgust” for something he isn’t trying to cover for.

    1. Exactly and trade exists everywhere. DL encounters are always everwhere. It’s nothing new. For Torrance “Boosie Badazz” Hatch, I think he’s a little turned on by it. Pineapples from Baton Rouge are always lowkey homo for the most part.

  3. Was waiting on this post lol. Yes Boosie doth protest to much. If he was so “disgusted” he could a clearly exited stage left but he stayed, gawked, and returned wit a detailed description hmmmmm……. Like Brent mentioned he was definitely more curious and turned on than he’s leading on especially cuz he always talking about the gays. And yes da female COs definitely get it in. My cuzzo is a CO up north and da stories she tells bout wat goes down between her coworkers and inmates are scandalous to say da least lmao!

  4. Boosie, just STAWP! Pineapple Please this video further lets me know you have got down before and LOVED it. This pineapple probably bottomed. Without telling too much on myself, I have kicked it with more than a few dudes who had girlfriends, kids, and straight everyday thug personas only to be the freakiest pineapples you could ever run across. Boosie is from the Dirty South and he knows damn well that dudes even in his crew get down. Straight Hood Boys like this are so easy to have once they get a little Henny in them and roll a blunt. I have a flamboyant homie who only talks to Thugs and nothing else and he stays getting boys no one would even suspect that would look at another dude. This video proves that Boosie was trying a little too hard to shine the light off of him because I am sure hood rumors have already started about him and some of the things he did while locked up. These boys from the Pen are down for anything and I do mean anything, they real horny and will love you long time LOL!

    1. umm… unless you are 18-21 and have very little experience dealing with the trade, you SHOULD have picked up the same cues as well. let our comments and observations exist as knowledge and information for you. look beneath the surface sir.

      1. Sounds like you’re the one thinking on surface level…

        At what point do some grow out of chasing and analyzing “the trade”? Lol

  5. Damn, his detailed description kinda turned me on as much as I’m sure it did him…he even have us a nostalgic sigh and whistle at the end; reminiscing how he ended up whistling n blowin air up booty holes himself….nice

  6. Yet he went and praised Amber Rose for having her hairy vagina out on Instagram for the whole world to see. Can we really take this loser seriously?

  7. There is nothing about gay prison sex at least to me period. I have a few friends that have been to prison and there is nothing that I would want to experience based on any of the stories that I have heard. I mean I guess I would be surprised to see a nigga riding a nigga dick from the back if I was straight as well. I mean I don’t think that especially given the environment that would be a turn on. It would be like walking in on your parents and they really getting it and you like damn I didn’t want to see that shit. Yeah Yeah they made me but still I don’t want to see that shit and even gay as I am in that environment I think that would fuck with me a little. I guess people are different. On another note I don’t think I would have share that shit with anybody I would have filed that shit in never remember. As I stated I do not like the idea of jail sex it seems violent nasty and to be honest scary.

    1. Exactly. Who has prison sex fantasies? Are the soaring HIV rates a turn on or the fact that most of them won’t be getting out anytime soon, if at all, so they have to resort to fucking men or going crazy?

      Its not sexy and I question how anyone finds his description sexy. Certainly didn’t come off that way to me.

      I took it as him describing how desperate men get being locked up.

  8. Prison sex is only scary when it’s rape. As far as I know prison sex is like DL dudes creeping on the low. Thinking about it, walking in on two guys getting it on is not disturbing to me. Men have needs and they are going to satisfy those needs wherever and whenever the time permits. It would be somewhat shocking cuz yeah but then it’s like oh well have fun….I suppose.

    Boosie is irrelevant… Especially for someone that has children out of wedlock with countless females…

  9. for a man that’s so disgusted by the idea he sure spends literally all the time talking about it in great detail. I don’t know any straight dudes that’s really detailing sex he’s not getting unless he was trying to impress somebody.

    Anyways he needs to either just admit he’s curious or has already done it and is struggling or move on from the subject it’s tired tbh.

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