Amber Rose Has No Juice In Her Fridge

/the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

amber rose doesn’t even have water in her fridge.
when i’m thirsty,
i start to do too much as well.
not like her tho.
so i can understand when amber posed this on her twitter…

i like amber,
but i’m confused.
i don’t understand what her “slut walk” movement is about.
i need a foxholer to explain it to me.
i thought it was protesting against slut shaming.
the fastest way to try to ruin a vixen’s reputation is to say she is a hoe.
just as the fastest way try to ruin a males is to say he is gay.
so i figured that was what this whole thing was about.

Where does her tweeting her nicely trimmed nakedness come in at?

i’ll keep it 110% with amber.
she doesn’t know what to do with herself.
it’s like her bawdy wants to be the stereotypical hoe,
but her brain wants her to fight for female justice and empowerment.
she ruined herself when she started talking.
i keep saying she was more interesting when i thought she was a russian spy.
well she posted something on ig about the whole thing:

you know something i’ve noticed?
she is this proud vixen,
who loves to show off her juicy bawdy,


She cannot keep a wolf

she really strikes me as the vixen you fuck,
and she will fuck you good,
but once that mouth opens,
the fantasy of what you think she is gets ruined.
it’s like some of us on social media.
they are promoting sex,
but have nothing else to back it up.
so you’re used as a blow up doll and tossed to the side.
 i don’t get this “slut walk” thing and she needs to buy some water.

lowkey: what is the true definition of a feminist?
is amber rose it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Amber Rose Has No Juice In Her Fridge”

    1. ^what is true to herself tho?
      she always seems to contradict herself later on.
      one minute she is saying she isn’t sexual,
      and the next she is posting her sexual-ness.

      she needs an instruction manual.

  1. I stopped taking her serious when she said she could never date a bisexual man, but claims to be bisexual herself.

  2. she looks sexy to me, but the whole “feminist” platform is the same EXCUSE that Beyonce uses to package their puss and tits for public consumption. SEX SELLS and always has. these women know they are whoring themselves out for attention & dollars, but the whole “feminist” label tends to clean it all up a bit. LAME AS HELL, but it is what it is. at least Amber looks good.

  3. The Slut Walk is suppose to be meant for the ideology of equality in terms of sexuality and trying to get rid of the rape culture of it’s either the woman’s fault due to how she appears. Regardless if your butt ass naked walking down the street or fully clothed how your treated shouldn’t matter. Like take the image she posted, in terms of societal norms she’d be labeled as a whore for appearing semi naked and whatever else that doesn’t fit in with transitional standards of modesty, verse if a man did the same with his pubic hairs showing as well nothing would have been said or removed. Like the double standard theme

    1. But I doubt she’s even though about it in that way. Probably just using her notoriety to bring attention to the cause as well as continuing to gather attention for herself.

  4. Nope. Probably to extend diminishing fame. When your only seen as a sexual object because that’s all you can give not much left to do except get knocked up, become a larger public spectacle or porn.

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