Paul George Thinks 1 Mill Is Reasonable To Abort His Kid

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 1.39.01 PMnothing is a bigger turn off than a wolf with a wild penis.
its even worse when its a rich wolf who should know better.
well everyone meet nba baller wolf,
paul george,
and his irresponsible penis.
allegedly he knocked up some miami stripper.
get this?
he allegedly offered her 1 mill to abort the kid.

Looks like Pacers star Paul George is about to become a father. The NBA All-Star has reportedly gotten a Miami stripper named Daniela pregnant. Daniela is expecting a girl and allegedly turned down a million dollar payday not to move forward with the pregnancy.

Daniela used to work at Tootsie’s in Miami. You ready for the twist, George is currently dating someone else. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers daughter, Callie Rivers. That’s probably going to change once she finds out about his new daughter.

George recently signed an $90 million-extension with the Pacers.

maybe he would have feared better with a sista?
tumblr_mfcf3tt6IU1ql5yr7o2_250oh sorry.
this is a “serious” moment.
i guess that explains why that stupid hoe that was harassing the blogs for.
paul is in a relationship and his wild penis eventually got him caught up.
well on lighter news,
at least homegirl doesn’t have to be a stripper anymore.
she has some of that 90 mill to burn on that trump check.
congrats vixen on getting that free money!
tsk tsk.

lowkey: i’m so glad i’m a fox and i don’t have to deal with this pregnancy thing.
all my “baby muvvah” friends are all stressed.
i have no fucks to give.

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Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Paul George Thinks 1 Mill Is Reasonable To Abort His Kid”

  1. I agree tsk tsk and a big SMH to Paul.

    A million dollars to abort a baby?Why don’t ya just, ya know, keep your dick in your pants?If you wanna raw dog a chick, how about it be your girlfriends for once you dumb asses.Ew.These athletes are so gross.Having no morals or standards does not make you look cute or attractive in the least.

    Yes chicks, get the free money because these big dumb brutes clearly won’t ever learn.

    1. ^lets not act like men in general can be stupid.
      gay men know there is aids out there and fuck everyone raw.
      i know broke men who are just as bad.
      athletes are men.
      we can be stupid when it comes to sex.

      1. My main problem with athletes is the fact that they have girlfriends.Why are they in a relationship if they’re going to have something on the side?Just be single.Having a girlfriend and getting some chick pregnant who isn’t your girlfriend makes their situation look worse.

        You just reminded me.Did you know there are gays who have a fetish for Aids?There are some that will knowingly take a dick raw because the guy has Aids.That different strokes for different folks saying doesn’t even work for that one, some people are just retarded.

        1. ^i know a lot of regular straight wolves with girlfriends who do this.
          pussy is pussy and they can’t seem to avoid it.
          social media doesn’t help either.

          a fetish for aids?
          do I need to talk about this????????!

      2. Hey I’m not here for this dumb ass athlete, they stay losing because the NFL, NBA, and all other sports agencies will not direct them to the Foxhole where we will school them for free. But I am here to talk about the fetish for AIDS. Interestingly enough, I was just talking to a casual friend of mine who told me some crazy shit like this. It seems he has a friend in California who is HIV positive, he says the friend informs his potential sex partners of this and some want them to have raw sex and they beg him to shoot his load in their ass. I was dumb founded and we just had this conversation a couple of days ago and now Zen bring this up, so yes this is very real. I have heard about this but thought it was just a internet myth but apparently not, and these dudes I am talking about are all Black.I can not even wrap my mind around this craziness.

  2. I wasn’t going to comment on this, but I have a lot to say, and I have a lot of questions.

    If this true, I am so disappointed in him for this. I really thought he was different than the rest. I do not know why. I believe I was blinded because he is my favorite player. How could he be this stupid tho? I just knew he was smart. He is new to super stardom, so everyone is after his money, and he has to adjust to the fame. How is he going to offer her only a mil when he signed a contract for 90 million last summer? That hoe is going to want more than that. I did not even know Callie was his girlfriend.The last time I checked she was dating Dexter Strickland, but that has been a while so I don’t know.

    I tell you one thing, this hoe is going to give birth sometime. Paul is young, and is not used to this type of situation. This better not distract him when the playoffs start. I am going to be mad if it does. I want my team to get past the Heat man.

    I feel like Tara when she found out about Amina, devastated and distraught, but I shall not shed a tear.
    If you all want him, you can have him. I am done man. He is now a free man, and I am finished with athletes. *takes off ring and serves Paul with divorce papers*

  3. Ctfu thots** she didn’t abort it because 1 mill ain’t shit to what her ass is going to get for child support for the next 21years smh..

  4. The sad part is if the daughter ever finds out that her mother was offered a million dollars to abort her. In other words she was not wanted. What will that do to her psychology growing up as a child?

  5. Jamari, you keep running the same story about some jock that got some woman pregnant. The story stays the same only the names change. Who will be the next jock featured? Maybe we should get Las Vegas odds on every NBA, NFL, MLB and Hockey player.

  6. This situation is sad and a reminder that being rich and good looking does not mean brains and decent morals are included in the mix. Dudes can be trifling whether straight or gay, rich or broke.

    As for people having unprotected sex with people who are HIV positive, that’s real, too. They’re called bug chasers. It’s partly the sad result of years of being told one is an abomination and is going to hell — the message that gets preached to so many gay brothers their whole lives every Sunday, from the cradle to the grave. It causes mental illness. It’s internalized over the years and manifests itself in all these self-destructive habits. They believe they’re not worthy so they engage in all these reckless actions.

    Others see these advertisements for the new class of HIV drugs and assume all they have to do is pop a pill, without knowing there are side effects and that the drugs don’t work for everyone, the ones who die.

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