George Zimmerman Is Now A Celebrity (Trayvon, Who?)

dmxvszimmermanwell clearly i woke up in the twilight zone.
ya know american has this nasty habit of making a doofus relevant.
today’s doofus is george zimmerman.
he is going to have a celebrity boxing match with dmx.
you read right and here is more

Rapper DMX is slated to fight George Zimmerman, the former neighborhood watchman who was found not guilty in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman — who told Radar Online last month that boxing was his hobby even prior to the “incident”— has been trolling for a celebrity to step into the ring with him ever since Damon Feldman, owner of Celebrity Boxing, opened his inbox to potential opponents. ”The news has been out for an hour and my e-mail is overloaded with 8,000 people wanting to fight George,”  Feldman told CNN.

It turned out there are a lot of people eager to go a few rounds with Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the February 2012 “incident” in which he shot dead the unarmed Martin. Out of a final pool of 15,000 applicants, Feldman chose to put Zimmerman in the ring with rapper DMX.

Now that the match up is set, the rapper is out for blood.  He told TMZ, “I am going to beat the living f–k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f–k him right up.” While the 43 year old rapper intends to win, Zimmerman, 30, has been training for months.

The date, time, and location of the three-round fight will be announced at a news conference next Wednesday.

tumblr_inline_mylp3sslBH1ry7m0fi can’t.
i wont be watching.
bad enough they announced this on trayvon’s 19th birthday today.
article courtesy: time

8 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Is Now A Celebrity (Trayvon, Who?)

  1. This boxing thing with Zimmerman should be boycotted by viewers and by boxers. Zimmerman is out to make money and Dummy DMX is planning to give it to him. He can’t “kill” Zimmerman. Such tactics would get him jailed. He has to box according to the rules. If he doesn’t, Zimmerman is not killed and Zimmerman still gets paid.

    1. He offered Zimmerman a battle, but Zimmerman wanted Kanye but then settled for DMX. My theory is that he wants someone dark-skin.

  2. DMX is such a flipping idiot. And this is a propaganda ploy that has no productive outcome for Trayvon, his family or social justice. It isn’t going to bring Trayvon back or change the outcome of that trial. All it will do is give Zimmerman more fame and more money. All it will do is make White people say, ‘See how violent Black men are!’ (If DMX kicks his ass, that is). Notice how Zimmerman didn’t want to fight The Game? He was specifically looking for a Black person. A DARK Black person. If there is a Hell, I hope he will burn in it.

  3. This is what people mean by racism being those in power.White people are sitting back and laughing at us.That’s why they keep using this dude and won’t make him go away.This is funny to them.They think it’s some kind of revenge for the few idiots that supported OJ Simpson btw I wasn’t one of them.This shit is sickening but that’s what happens when White people run a country.That’s why it takes a terrorist attack to bring us together because they love keeping us separated.We should be used to this by now.They’ve been picking with Black people for centuries.They’d probably be picking with the Native Americans too, had they not killed off 90% of their race with diseases and war.

  4. *punches wall* I want to beat and drag that sorry ass bastard. If I seen that dude in the street, I’d turn back the hands of time and beat his ass on spot. I can’t stand him with a passion. I would end up in jail lol. 15,000 applicants? DAMN. Niggas are ready. DMX was the original thug in the game, and I know he will beat Zimmerman’s ass to a pulp.

    Jamari, you know damn well you will be watching, stop it lol.

    S/N: Am I the only one who would let DMX get it? His rough ass is sexy af.

  5. There is a special place in hell waiting for Zimmerman. He already took a life and now he’s trying to profit from it. If this is true, I hope DMX beats his ass.

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