MEAT: (536)

SEXYDAMNoh id fuck him.
i’d fuck him good.
inside voice.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “MEAT: (536)”

    1. Yes this man is ridiculously Gorgeous! His name Karras Jordan. He is a model/actor. He is also featured on “Steel River,” which is a Black same gender-loving themed Webseries. But he is my husband, so hands off fellas!!! Heheee.

  1. I have seen this dude on tumblr and he is beautiful, those lips and the shape of his eyes are everything, one of the kind of dudes, I would have a hard time trying to be hard around and not smile when I see him coming.

  2. I knew he looked familiar.Jamari you posted a bunch of pics of him last year.I remember because somebody commented that they knew a few vixens he fucked with and they said he was extra freaky.So freaky that he’d lick his own cum up or something like that.How could I ever forget something like that.That had me thinking about this dude a lot at night.

    I’m actually starting to memorize these dude’s faces.If I saw them in person, I’d probably be star struck.

  3. What a really handsome face – loving those lips, and come to bed eyes! I rather like tattoos, but two full sleeves – sexy as all hell now, but when he’s an older man, it often times looks a hot mess!

    But for now, yeah, I’d do him.

    1. ^Feeling you on the tats aspect. Why do these kats get all of these tattoos all over their bodies. When their skin starts sagging when they get older…they shyt will not look cute! And lets hope that all of that body ink doesn’t seep into the skin and give them cancer or some other illness. You never know these days. They say its safe, but you find out later that it isn’t!

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