stacey dash has been clueless about dmx about the other day years old

who woulda thought this vixen in clueless would grow up to be clueless.
dmx has passed since 2021.
stacey dash must have been busy campaigning to be invited to the cookout.
she just found out he is gone…

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swizz beatz learns just how fake people can be even in death (dmx)

people i swore up and down would be in my life forever showed they were “fair-weather friends“.
the folks i looked out for,
checked in to see if they were good,
showed up to their events,
hooked up with shit,
and didn’t snitch on them when i was getting let go.

What friendship?
What loyalty?

i find cancer-born folks deal with this the most.
i don’t fight or argue unless it’s brought to me.
i’ve been fortunate to watch all those who hurt me experience karma they couldn’t escape.

my mother use to sell mary kay and she was really good at it.
she had a lot of products left after she died.
i kid you not,
the day after she died,
her “team leader” and her supposed “friend” came in my crib and took all her products to sell.
i don’t even think my mother was embalmed yet.

“Your mother would want this!” they said as they excitedly hauled all her shit in garbage bags.

folks move really funny out here and you learn it once you’re down or sick.
people around you learn just how people are when you die.
you know the family members who hoot and holler at funerals but ain’t never called when they were alive.
swizz beatz learned just how fake some of the people were around dmx after he died.
this is what he said at his memorial service at barclays in brooklyn via “yahoo“…

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DMX Tells Us How It’s NOT Going Down

9f8c76f1789b9b0212eb9542a4ca36e1i love when straight wolves randomly blurt out shit no one asked about.
when ya’ll talking about whats on the lunch menu and he says:


you know,
because we didn’t see “gay sex” was on the menu.
the ones that kill me are always on social media.


well at a recent concert,
dmx blurted out something he has never done with a pineapple.
a vix-bi led me over to the shade room and well…
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George Zimmerman Is Now A Celebrity (Trayvon, Who?)

dmxvszimmermanwell clearly i woke up in the twilight zone.
ya know american has this nasty habit of making a doofus relevant.
today’s doofus is george zimmerman.
he is going to have a celebrity boxing match with dmx.
you read right and here is more
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DMX Gets Naked and Runs A Few Laps

hotelroomswaggyou read the title right.
dmx randomly pulled his drawz down and ran a lap in a hotel lobby.
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no, but seriously…
Fat Joe, NORE, DMX, and The Game have something to say about this…

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