DMX Tells Us How It’s NOT Going Down

9f8c76f1789b9b0212eb9542a4ca36e1i love when straight wolves randomly blurt out shit no one asked about.
when ya’ll talking about whats on the lunch menu and he says:


you know,
because we didn’t see “gay sex” was on the menu.
the ones that kill me are always on social media.


well at a recent concert,
dmx blurted out something he has never done with a pineapple.
a vix-bi led me over to the shade room and well…


was something asked or assumed before he blurted that out?
i’m laughing at the big wolf with the glasses.
we had the same face while watching.
dmx has always been very random.
i’m sure it was the voices or whatever alleged drug he was on.
keep praying for him.

video taken: the shade room

14 thoughts on “DMX Tells Us How It’s NOT Going Down

  1. Well maybe he need to start sucking dick rather than screwing raw pussy all the time so he doesn’t continue dropping all these new illegitimate babies out of nowhere. He needs to be admitted to a rehabilitation facility, not on a stage.

  2. Pineapple please you better hope those days in Baltimore dont come back to haunt you when you use to trick before you made it big, all allegedly of course. I remember back in the early days of the net in the late 90’s when this dude who I guess was a little ahead of his time name Chauncey on the now defunct website told of some of DMX’s exploits back in his Baltimore days of male on male action. Of course with lyrics like “suck my dick, all you nikkas been to jail before know, its about to get thick” he is suspect, but maybe he was only using them metaphorically. But if I was a betting man, I would bet money that he has sucked on more than a crackpipe.

  3. Why did he give this seemingly unwarranted proclamation in the delivery and cadence of a Sunday sermon though?…and I think I’d be afraid to fuck around with his crazy ass anyways…he the type be like, damn why didn’t I create that app?

      1. Lol forgot bout that scene…hhmm, he’s emphatic about neva suckin, but I wonder if he’s been suckled upon.

      2. CRAZY dick is ALWAYS the best dick…i had a stalker who turned out to be crazy and LAWD knows Charlie had some bomb dick gawd lol and DMX was sexy as fuck in Belly…i was young when Belly came out so i didn’t look at it like that but when i got older one time and watched it i was like DAYUM yes DADDY lol

  4. I’m starting to think he needs a mental/psychological evaluation.

    His fans claim he was not being literal but speaking figuratively meaning he has never compromised his integrity to get ahead in the industry(I.e he has never kissed ass to get ahead).

    I also said he has 15 kids by 10 woman.I was wrong he has 15 kids by only NINE woman.May be he should’ve being sucking dick, then he wouldn’t owe so much money in back child support payments.😒

    1. ^i can see that,
      but either he was being random or throwing a dart at another rapper.
      either way,
      he was one of the top rapper wolves in the game.
      he lost it somewhere.

      1. He lost it when he started messing with the drugs and alcohol. He was another one of those artists whose on top, doesn’t think their shyt stinks and treats people like shy, and before you know it…they fall off and wonder why.

        I don’t feel sorry for these guys because they have people in their ear telling them right, I’m sure, but they’d rather “keep it real” and end up right back where they started…in the gutter.

        Also, didn’t know he had that many kids! I remember reading a Vibe interview where he said girls wouldn’t talk to him because they said he was ugly. LMAO

        1. ^he treated people bad?
          i thought he was one of the ones who was “liked”.
          i never followed him besides a few songs.
          he was too intense for me.

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