Birdman Takes An Expensive Shit

birdman1i always wondered if i had access to a ton of money,
like in the millions,

what would i spend it on?
well i know i’d like to do a lot of traveling.
i would be writing entries at a beach house in the caymans.
of course,
my wardrobe and shoes would be stupid.
my glo up game would be a problem.
rapper wolf,
had a million dollars to burn.
guess what he spent his money on?…

a gold toilet worth a million dollars.
you saw and read correct.
ima need him to replace that roll.
when did birdman get a fat tail?

i bet he blows up that toilet like this:

giphybirdman could have spent that money paying off my bills for the next 10 years.
i’m just saying…
ya know,
there is a lil wayne joke in here somewhere.
i’ll be good tho.

lowkey: i love his minions that usually follow him around.
they are always so funny to me.

video credited: instagram

9 thoughts on “Birdman Takes An Expensive Shit

  1. Reading about this ridiculous man reminded me of the old saying – “A fool and his money is quickly parted”.

  2. Watching this… all I saw in my mind was Birdman f**king each of these dudes one by one on the low. I get a strong sense of older man paying for young ass (the same way older gay dudes with money always have some youngin’ on deck). And, watching/listening to them, you can tell they ain’t come from much. They most likely would do whatever to get a chance to ride around successful industry folk. I go with my gut feeling and that’s what this vid tells me. I couldn’t even think about the toilet. Just older dude with tacky, expensive hoop earrings hanging around little boys. UGH.

      1. Yeah, I’m sure…I’d still be a strugglin has been bitch cause the sight of his mouf alone is insufferable…

      2. Let TMZ tell it, the IRS is after his ass for a boatload of unpaid back taxes. So pulling a stunt like this is only gonna serve to fire them up! I hope it’s not true, and if it is, there are better ways to spend that dough.
        Try getting your entourage some etiquette lessons, some GED courses (cause I’m sure most of them never graduated high school). Put that money to real use.

    1. …and black men, can we start and adhere to a new rule starting Jan 1st that if you’re born before, say, 1990 u shan’t wear your freakin pants in a manner which exposes your ass?…and if you do u should expect a mob style kick in the ass…this ninja here was born in 1969!…thafuck?

      1. 1. He’s a man who thinks he’s still young.
        2. He’s a man who thinks he’s still young.
        3. If you surround yourself with like-minded individuals, in this case thugs, that’s the mentality that will remain with you.
        4. He’s a man who thinks he’s still young.

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