Unemployed AF



that was my ex co worker’s status message.
that use to be me especially after a 4 day weekend.
going back to that place was torture.
there would be nonsense already waiting patiently in my inbox.
is it wrong that i felt a moment of happiness?
i was just telling someone…

i am the abused wife whose husband divorced and kicked her out the same day.
he never appreciated me and we haven’t had sex in years.
he found his pleasure elsewhere,
while i begged for him to see how good i was.
when he threw me out on my tail,
he gave no fucks about what would happen to me.
tumblr_ny2e2htziz1rrlcp5o7_250as much as i cried and wondered what the future held,
i’m in the motel doing the biggest exhale.
i have finally escaped his ignorant ass.
i was getting comfortable with the abuse.
he is now gonna be someone else’s problem.

i’m actually calm af.
right now,
i’m on recharge mode.
i needed this vacation break from everyone and everything.
i’m getting my shit back where it needs to be.

i’m happy af tho.
i pray my next gig is everything i desire.
even tho i tend to worry when things are out of my control,
i’m chill af and out of fucks this moment..

I gave it all to God and it’ll be worked out.


Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “Unemployed AF”

  1. I have a confession to make, two weeks after my grandmother passed i was let go from my job. My clinical manager stated that she thought i wasnt a good fit for this career field and that it wasnt for everyone. At first i was hurt but it was for the best. I was hired in a job where people were kissing ass to a manager who setup for the operation of the company and training was being conducted in a haphazardly fashion. Co-workers were clique-ish and acted like children and it was if once my background was mentioned folks who worked there for years would do everything to take over when i was training instead of showing me the ropes. My mother has worked in this career field of dialysis for over 12 years so i would tell her what i experienced (she worked for the same company Fresenius, which had hired me). However the manager and I clashed and i just felt like i was trapped. I thought it was a gift from GOD but it was Satan in a sunday hat pretending…I’m using this time to focus on getting the books i had written published and following my personal career passion of writing music and etc. I’ll keep looking for work but I gave it to GOD. I’m at this point where I’m chasing my purpose because my purpose will bring me the provision. chasing the provision solely has lead to disappointment time and time again in my life, whether career wise or etc. Use this time to fly. in the words of Jill Scott, just because you had a nightmare doesn’t mean you stop dreaming.

    1. ^inspired af!!!!

      i’m glad i’m not alone!
      i love everything you said and you already know i relate.
      i hope God will bless you with all your dreams malcolm.
      maybe there is a silver lining within all of us we both can’t see yet.

      1. I’m following my dreams I’m not putting them on delay anymore i cant keep doing the SAME THING and expectinng a difference. Grinding for a new beginning, considering all my options. I’m going to do a vision board, maybe you should do the same. And just sit down and go over what you want to accomplish and where you want to be…and watch those things manifest because once you give it to the universe it must manifest.

  2. Like I said in the other thread bro. Don’t treat this as a vacation! Wake up a little later but still make an effort to get out of the house every day. Go to the gym! Go to a library! Go to a coffee shop! Stay hungry and something great will come to you. Also posting your resume on careerbuilder.com will get a lot of recruiters to contact you.

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