So I Watched The Season Finale of “Insecure” and Well…

cr2acdnvuaemgdg-640x800so i started watching “insecure” on hbo.
i binged watched it on thanksgiving and was HOOKED!
i say.
last night was the season finale that had everyone talking.
some got into their feelings type heavy.
others gave virtual hi5s.
everyone is so passionate about these people.
this will be spoiler heavy so you been warned

issa set her own karma up.
i said it.
she supported lawrence while he was broke,
but she also fucked another pineapple.
she cannot ever get big or little mad he banged the bank teller.
and boy,
did he put a deposit in turbo tits tasha!!!
if that wasn’t the most lit sex scene i’ve been in a long time!!!!
it had me all kind of turnt.


“hi jay ellis”

tumblr_inline_oh0mfiusjz1qietwz_500i hope she knows that was rebound pussy?
she got fucked like that because he is hurt.

i don’t agree with him leading on issa tho.
i think he “drunk called” her and was in his feelings.
you know a phone,
a few drinks,
and your ex number leads to a shit show.
bad enough,
his wolf pack already put the fuck jackal behavior in his head.

everyone came together watching this show last night.
judging from the reaction of wolves:

they were in full support of lawrence.
males do this kind of shit and blame it on “hurt”.
nah pineapple.
you suppress your “hurt” in getting a nut in some new pussy.
this goes to show issa about her selfish ways.
yeah she hooked up with daniel,
but she lost a good wolf in the process.
lawrencee got his shit together for her.
that mofo had an embarrassing video of hers taken off youtube.
she was completely wrong.
he wasn’t an angel either with how he handled it,
but can you blame him?

i’m so excited for the second season.
either one of them gonna get pregnant,
or turbo tits tasha gonna be a pyscho.
you can’t get fucked like that and not activate “sprung thotness”.

lowkey: he was petty af for taking his pillow…


i thought he was on savage mode fuckin’ in their bed.
and why do i see a little of myself in “molly”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “So I Watched The Season Finale of “Insecure” and Well…”

  1. Man. I knew it was coming but didn’t want it to. He looked good fuckin. I think I replayed those 2 seconds a few times.

    I have to confession. I have a Lawrence and a Daniel ….. I haven’t acted but the invitation to the “studio” has definitely been extended.

    Damn Daniel!!

    Lawrenceville put 2 and 2 together quick and her best friend I’m sure sold her out. No lie. Most vixens would’ve lied and Lawrence would’ve fallen for it.

    I wonder if they do another the Game where derwin knocks up the side chick after melanie cheats and they try to work it out…

  2. I think we all have a little Molly in us…
    And Lawrence was hurt af and took it out on Tasha. I was all the way here for it 😂
    Can’t wait for season 2

  3. I bet she’ll be hitting up Daniel now fo her itch! Yes, this bitch deserve a drag from Laguna to that tired apartment, lol. Lawerence sex scene was everything and “again” where are they on Jack’d. Boy body was right and she paying the piper giving his itch sho nuff.

  4. I literally just finished watching this show. Started early this morning Binge watching.
    Can we address the positive images of the black men on this show? This showed three damn good men, if not more in Lawrence, Daniel and Jared.
    Excellent writing and I for one appreciate seeing images of brothers being good, vulnerable, loving and honest.

  5. Listen.

    I came back in here to ask…do y’all like getting effed like that? I like the IDEA of it…but my walls can’t handle the kind of fucking Lawrence did to that bank teller…I was surely aroused tho.


  6. I’m so glad you got into the show, I knew it would be up your alley. I feel a LITTLE sorry for Issa but not much you got your itch scratched and now you gotta deal with the consequences of it.

    That sex scene was FIRE I’m finally on the Jay Elilis sexy train from here on out.

    As far as which character I’m mostly like it would have to be Issa. You can tell a lot of how she comes across is from her insecurities but her awkwardness makes her unique as well.

    P.S. Besides from this last episode this show gets big ups for focusing so much of the nudity on the male actors and not the female ones. That can rare in Hollywood at times.

    1. I agree I’m glad the show focuses so much on male nudity even though we haven’t seen pipe yet, I’m extra glad that it was black men because HBO has mostly given us white dudes and although some of them was niiiiiice as hell, Hey Jon snow, it was nice to see lawrence and daniel and jered show some gorgeous skin.

  7. This show had me in every emotion! I love shows that make u feel like u know the characters. Issa friend Kelli(the big girl) had me rolling.

  8. Hey Jamari, I don’t think Lawrence and the bank teller were screwin in Issa’s apartment cause Issa bedroom did not have a lamp, headboard nor a footboard. I rewatched previous episodes to figure this out. It was bothering me that Lawrence would do that .LOL

  9. I love this show. my heart goes out too Issa. she set back and did everything while Lawrence seat back doing nothing really.
    I know what Issa did was wrong. what does a women to do when you seating their while your man in his own little world.
    I personally feel that there was some unfinished business between Issa and ex-boyfriend. there is a true love there that never die.

  10. I knew it was going to happen like I knew he wouldn’t be in that apartment when Issa came back
    I think I’m in the middle like I get it lawrence is hurt so of course he going to do some shit w/ a side piece, btw that’s it she was just pussy I hope she’s okay with that. I noticed all the straight dudes do they typical straight nigga shit in that strip club and lawrence will be doing that same thing from now on carrying around that hurt and not letting go.

    p.s. damn I want that kind of dick down but I don’t want it to be a random nigga, I’m not trying to have my bawdy ravaged and I can’t call him up for round 16+

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