who knew a game of monopoly would have a message about life in it

*there is a message in here somewhere.

i played monopoly with a friend of mine.
i’ve only played the game 1 time before that.
all i know about monopoly is:

It ruins friendships
It can go on for hours

as we were playing yesterday

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Stay Strong, Jamari

i haven’t felt this way,
in ever.
it feels good to be in control of my narrative.
to be comfortable in my fur.
i’ve always been too excited when a wolf comes into my life.
when it doesn’t work out,
or i misconstrued what the motives are,
i’m pulled down into the deep depths of depression.
not so much.
so i met up with a wolf on friday…

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Unemployed AF



that was my ex co worker’s status message.
that use to be me especially after a 4 day weekend.
going back to that place was torture.
there would be nonsense already waiting patiently in my inbox.
is it wrong that i felt a moment of happiness?
i was just telling someone…
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Keep My Friends Close But My Work Wolf Closer?

tumblr_static_1yukx9253r9c480sos0kw8g8sso last night,
i didn’t cancel plans with work wolf.
he was pretty excited about it.
i couldn’t end it.
i woke up with “friend zone” for work wolf.
i felt better keeping my mind fixated on him being in “that place”.
so he wanted to just walk around the city and talk.

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Stuck Between A Rock and A Bored Place (and With No Wifi At That!)

chilllife^me last night on the porch.
yesterday was one of the most chill days since i been down here.
karaoke took the car,
the wifi was not working,
and nothing was on tv.

“can i talk to the manager please?!
his name his god…
jesus or something.
yes i’ll hold.”

so i had nothing to do.
well i did do laundry and clean the house.
is this what a house-band feels like?
well it would feel better if i had the hub’s funds to go buy myself a little happy.
i was bored to tears yesterday,
see that’s the thing with fl.
you HAVE to have a car.
if not you WILL be doing a lot of walking for miles.
well on the positive,
im not dealing with that snow situation up there.
thank god for that.
i did just get a call from my vixen friend,
the one who works at that temp agency,
waking me up out my sleep asking me to come in for a job.
im surprised it wasn’t cancelled.
i could hear the vomit rise in her throat when i told her i was in florida.
im sure she’ll have a thousand jobs for me then.

unamusedfacelowkey: im realizing i ALWAYS need wifi and my laptop.
i HAVE to update.
i get a real nasty attitude when i can’t.
i’m starting to think technology runs my life.