who knew a game of monopoly would have a message about life in it

*there is a message in here somewhere.

i played monopoly with a friend of mine.
i’ve only played the game 1 time before that.
all i know about monopoly is:

It ruins friendships
It can go on for hours

as we were playing yesterday

i was losing HEAVY at one point.
i remember being down to my last 100 dollars.
my friend was buying all the luxury spots on the map.
she copped “park place” and “broadway“.
you know once you have those,
it’s pretty much over if you land on those spots.
she also had properties on that whole row as well.

i ended up buying properties in the not so rich areas,
but i set up a ton of hotels and houses there.

I never landed on anything in her luxury areas,
but she kept landing on all of my hotels.

she ended up filing for bankruptcy and losing.

when i was in that zone,
i accepted i might be defeat and went along with the flow.
there was no anger or anxiety.
i played the long game,
while she was banking on bankrupting me.
it’s funny how things can turn around for you when you detach from the outcome.

*there is a message in here if you can find it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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