he thought he could hide his secret love for bbc by murder, but it ended up f*ckin’ him anyway

some dl males can be weird af.
they spend so much time trying not to look gay,
they end up looking more and more obvious with how they move.
i’ve never seen the point of killing someone to hide your secrets.

We live in an age where folks will find out you are a murderous hyena.

they always think they can out slick an oil can.
a foxhole sent me a story about two males in florida.
one ended up getting killed because he knew the secrets of the hyena.
the hyena is only going to jail for a year via “the root“…

Gardner Kent Fraser killed Dominic “DJ” Broadus II but no one knows why.

Fraser doesn’t deny it, nor does the state attorney for Florida’s Eighth Judicial Circuit. After shooting Broadus in the face, investigators say Fraser, who is white, waited 21 minutes to dial 911. Asked by emergency operators if he knew Broadus, Fraser said: “Ahh, I believe I do.

When Baker County sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene at Southern States Nurseries in Macclenny, Fla., they noted that 31-year-old D.J. Broadus’ body appeared to have been moved or rolled over. Broadus was holding a cell phone when he was shot, but it was nowhere to be found when the authorities arrived on the scene. Although authorities never found Broadus’ phone, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) investigation would later uncover 115 phone calls and 35 text messages between the two men, including explicit and sexual images. Authorities allege that Fraser deleted some of the messages, reportedly to hide his relationship with Broadus.

On Monday, Fraser appeared before Florida Circuit Court Judge James Colaw, via videoconference because of COVID, to answer for his crimes.

“This defendant took the actions to get rid of that phone,” said State Attorney Mark Caliel told Colaw. “To this day, only one person knows where D.J. Broadus’ phone is. That’s Garner Fraser.

The state alleged that Fraser destroyed the phone because he didn’t want anyone to find out about the sexual relationship between the two. Meanwhile, Fraser pleaded no contest and begged the court for leniency. Standing before the parents of a dead child, defense attorney James Sawyer literally argued that it was Fraser who had to serve a “life sentence” because he was “traumatized.”

There was a struggle and it appears that it was a complete surprise that Mr. Broadus was there,” Sawyer said.

Judge Colaw, however, saw the case differently, citing the pain of the victim’s family and what he called a “coverup,” Colaw sentenced Fraser to the maximum possible sentence under the law.

Gardner Kent Fraser will spend a year in the Baker County Jail.

the statement from dj’s father:

“In order for the defendant to hide his feminine, bisexual nature, he executed my son and my grandson’s father,” Dominic Broadus Sr., D.J.’s father, told the court on Monday. “In an effort to try and keep his secret, he fatally shot my son in the back of the head twice and tried to destroy any evidence of their relationship by deleting all text from his phone and destroying/hiding my son’s phone, then calling three people before reporting the shooting to the proper authorities.”

florida is a weird-ass state,
ain’t it?
thank God i didn’t end up living there.
when you think you erased something from your phone or laptop,
it’s never erased.
when investigators are trying to solve a crime,
they will go through EVERYTHING in your devices.
do you think you aren’t being tracked right now by the fbi by your phone?
even though dj’s phone is gone,
he didn’t realize he had a phone too apparently.
this case is a no-brainer tho.
the hyena killed dj and his white privilege saved him.
the crazy part is:

He killed someone to hide he was gay,
but everyone ended up knowing his secret anyway.


lowkey: straight hyenas kill vixens every day because of exposure.
if someone is insecure about their secrets,
it will never end well.

article cc: the root

11 thoughts on “he thought he could hide his secret love for bbc by murder, but it ended up f*ckin’ him anyway

  1. A grand total of one year for cold blooded murder? We all know that if the roles were reversed, that black man would be sentenced to one hundred years for murder. This a ANOTHER reason not to set foot in ratchet ass Florida.

  2. This case is upsetting because its like Trayvon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery rolled into one. What is outrageous is how the “Stand your Ground” law is being used in Florida to murder people in plain sight and how that law is disproportionately applied against black people and not for black people. This case took place in 2018 but what is apparent to most people is that Gardner Fraser killed someone he had a sexual relationship with (Dominic “DJ” Broadus II) and the most you want the public to believe is that all you have is a case of tampering with evidence, the primary question remaining is to be evidence of what exactly? You add this to the fact that the government can get an indictment on whoever they want, and it becomes apparent that black death and suffering in America has become some sort of perverse political theater. I think this case also highlights why intersectionality does not work for black folks, people should be outraged but where are all of the “White Gays” at? Hopefully, this case gets way more attention.

  3. Sounds like from reading that story it’s two things. One, he ain’t want nobody to know he was a bottom taking black meat. And two, he ain’t want nobody to know he was phuccin a negro,

  4. No BS about White on White crime? Where are the apologists at to say a Black man would have gotten the same time?
    Where are the apologists to talk about “What about Black-on-Black crime?”
    Latinx-on-Latinx crime? Asian-on-Asian crime? Oh, those aren’t things. Got it.
    Black lives don’t matter and the fact he’s only getting a year is shameful.

  5. the REAL story is how can a fucking murderer get only 1 fucking year for killing a man cold blood? Once again The 2 justice systems are evident in America and of course black people in America STILL fucking with these white ass faggots thinking when the shit hits the fan , as in this case, justice will be fair.

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