per my last email, i will remind you who satan is and why i ownz your soul

you ever got an email like ^that from your boss and it ended with:

“Please advise…”

just following upandwhat’s the ETA onare similar phrases that give britney face.
it’s usually the first thing on a monday or right before you leave on a friday.
so now you gotta dig through your emails to show you aren’t a doofus.

“Found it!”

you forward it,
leave a passive-aggressive “let me know if you have any concerns“,
and go back to watching a youtube video.
God forbid you can’t find it tho,
you’ll get chewed out and the infamous:

“Going forward…”

those who work in corporate offices know how it goes.
ya’ll know.
one sentence i’ve seen in a few emails that are usually attached to fuckery is

Per my last email…”

simply ugh.
crazy part is i’ve had to use these many phrases in the corporate email wars too.
we tend to end up being our abusers.

this video summarized how i feel about work emails.


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if that isn’t on the highest key of being on point.
it was the inspiration for a conversation with cousin hybrid on the podcast.

starts @ 33:30

i’ve had to learn the hard lesson a few times,
but it was training for how to handle demons within emails.
the email chain is literally where people try to trap you up.
it’s one of the easiest ways to create a paper trail.
you can’t be all rah-rah because there is a certain language being used to look “professional”.
this is why they won’t speak to you in person.
there is no record of the conversation.
stay woke.

lowkey: here are a few more phrases that i knew fuck shit was a-coming…

screen grabs cc: bored panda

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