bow wow wants all his fans to join him on his latest brilliant idea

i use to think bow wow was so cute,
but social media has not been kind to him.
he has shown his ass more than a couple of times.
attentionisto blvd,
here we go.

he really annoyed me with what he fonted about keyshia cole last week on verzuz:


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he is such a kiss and tell.
you the type you can’t even fuck on the low without him broadcasting something.
it’s so bizarre.
a foxholer sent me his latest venture

i’m just gonna font it.
out of all the male celeb onlyfans:

Tyga has the best one

he isn’t afraid to show that pretty penis of his and he gets a shit ton of pussy.
he is always up in someone’s daughter’s vaginal walls on his onlyfans.
like trey songz,
i’m sure bow wow is gonna be some edited nonsense.
ya’ll pay 20 dollars if you want to.

check out bow wow: onlyfans

9 thoughts on “bow wow wants all his fans to join him on his latest brilliant idea

  1. Lmao, that gif u posted of him, I remember when that first came out and everyone was like “u can see either his dick or balls towards the end” and I just saw it again, lol

  2. So… how is somebody irrelevant trying to shade somebody that’s on the same level. I don’t get it. Ain’t nobody trying to see Bow Wow in no Versuz battle.

  3. Onlyfans? He wants to be a porn star? $20, no content. Hell I see more dick and ass on BET+ and pay way less than that. Have fun.

  4. He used to be cute to me too but now… why is his face so stretched? My friend said it’s alcohol bloat but I wouldn’t know, I haven’t been around alcoholics like that.

    I’m gonna check Tyga’s out now but I ain’t paying. I’ma see if it’s on pornhub or something.

    1. BowWow didn’t age well period.. I think after 2011 his looks went down the drain. It’s crazy because I remember people use to say that he looks like a teenager up until 5 years ago.

      His face has become bloated and he just looks like a father now. Yikes.

      I remember when that Entourage scene came out I was obsessed with him. He used to be so attractive to me

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