an update to “ya’ll need to stop blackmailing these dl males before you end up killed”

Rule 1.
Jamari Fox knows if he chooses to mess with someone on the DL,
regardless of where that situationship ends up,
his secrets will ALWAYS stay with me.
Unless he is being reckless with his health,
what he does/did with me is between us.


i’ll font it again:

Some males can go nutso over the secret of their sexuality

 i felt the victim (pictured above),
alex rodda,
was wrong in blackmailing someone over their sexuality as i stated in the original entry.
he didn’t deserve to die so viciously by a dl hyena tho.
( x read the story here for a refresher )
there is a final update to this story…

The young man found guilty of bludgeoning a 15-year-old to death by a court in the United Kingdom was sentenced to life in prison. Matthew Mason, 19, was ordered to serve a minimum of 28 years behind bars for the brutal slaying of Alex Rodda. According to the Manchester Evening News, the judge delivered a scathing rebuke of Mason, calling him a predator who groomed his underaged victim and then murdered him when the boy threatened to expose their relationship.

You are a selfish individual and thought about nobody but yourself,” Judge Steven Everett said as he handed down the life sentence at the Chester Crown Court on Monday.

Mason, an agricultural student who lived on a farm in Cheshire with his millionaire parents, admitted to killing Rodda with a wrench December 12, 2019, but claimed he was the victim of blackmail. He made a series of payments to the boy totally £2,000 before luring him to a secluded wooded area under the premise of sex — the pair were reportedly involved sexually but as Rodda was 15 he could not consent.  Once in the woods, Mason repeatedly struck the boy on the head with a wrench as he kneeled before him.

According to prosecutors, Mason left a still-breathing Rodda to die at the scene while he went to clean up at a friend’s outhouse, and then to the local pubs for drinks with friends. Rodda’s body was found by trash men the next morning. When Mason was later arrested, the murder weapon was found in his car and Rodda’s dried blood was still on his hands.

Everett quickly dispelled any depiction of Mason as a victim in the case, noting both the brutality of the murder and the extensive planning that went into the crime.

his eyes look so cold.
looking at the killing hyena,
he reads like a full-blown pyschopath.
how he killed him and went out for drinks after.
not even that,
he didn’t do a good job of cleaning up his part in the crime.

you never know who someone is until you threaten to expose them.

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3 thoughts on “an update to “ya’ll need to stop blackmailing these dl males before you end up killed”

  1. SMH both parties are at fault in this situation. This is a prime example why you don’t date DL men and /or blackmail someone. It NEVER ends well.

  2. I’m not trying to the defend the killer but some people don’t handle their sexuality well. Like me being raised Christian constantly hearing preachers preach about gayness being an automatic hell sentence and me knowing i can’t control it. I was suicidal. To be honest, If my young self was being blackmailed, I probably would’ve jumped off a bridge when I was at my lowest mentally.

    You gotta be careful who you fuck with. And i by that i mean blackmail.

  3. Jamari, I’m not going to put this on a 15 year old. At that age, this would seem like love, so you’d threaten to expose to keep it perhaps. Maybe worried if another man will ever love you. While what the 15 year old did was WRONG, killing him was obviously more wrong. Sad situation for everyone. I don’t understand killing someone over exposing your sexuality. You’re going to jail. So now you’re forced with facing your sexuality for life.

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