hookups off dating apps are leaving some gays dead during this panny

even though brighter times are ahead with biden,
we are still in the midst of a dark winter.
that means there is gonna be a lot more crime until we come out of this slump.
big city.
small city.
everyone needs to be vigilant.
it was a risk hooking up with randoms off the internet before the panny,
but you gotta be real careful going to meet up with anyone nowadays.
^bobby scott,
who is pictured above,
was in an open relationship with his hubby.
he went to hook up with some bbc off a dating app and well…

A Florida man who was charged with murder over the weekend is accused of killing another man after meeting him through a dating app, authorities said Sunday.

Michael Harris Jr., 20, was first connected to the crime when detectives searching for a missing Daytona Beach man found the victim’s car with the suspect in the nearby city of Deland. Authorities then recovered bloody fingerprints in the vehicle linking Harris to the murder.

The victim, identified as 63-year-old Bobby Scott, had been reported missing by his husband on Jan. 17, the same day he and Harris had agreed to meet up, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. Scott was never heard from again and his cellphone was found abandoned in Deland.

When he was questioned by detectives two days after Scott went missing, Harris reportedly said the victim had loaned him the car but had not contacted him since. Scott’s husband, who told deputies the couple was in an “open relationship,” said his partner “never loaned his vehicle to anyone,” authorities said.

are gay males never satisfied with their husbands?
if so,
why even get married in the first place?
at least this wasn’t a cheating story gon’ wrong,
but it did let me know that we need to be very careful during this current pandemonium.
folks are broke out here and it’s literally robbin’ and killin’ season.
people didn’t get stimmys or unemployment so they’re doing whatever to survive.
i would hold off from random hookups until things return to normal.
stay woke.

lowkey: every time i think of getting on a dating app,
it’s like The Universe says “aht, aht” and i get a story about some nonsense from one.

article cc: msn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “hookups off dating apps are leaving some gays dead during this panny”

      1. First off, the problem with these sexually liberated and free spirits is that they are full of it. I state that I am single, monogamous and yet polygamous/polyamorous/throuple couples constantly message me. I ask if they read my profile and they say yes. So we make plans to hang out as friends and then eventually it always gets to “You really don’t us? We’re sexy. We’d be doing you a favor”.

        If you are so set on the rules of your relationship, why do you purposely seek out monogamous people to convert? This one guy has been after me for YEARS to join his harem!

        Whenever I post single hashtags, tons of poly/open relationship people swarm my inbox.

        It’s just like when these guys say “Ladies Only”, but it means for DL men to hit them up privately.

        Don’t sit up here talking about how archaic monogamy is, but even YOU still want someone who has SOME loyalty to you!

        I’m not saying polygamy/polyamory/throuples/whatever they call it don’t work. I’m saying I have met way too many who don’t believe in monogamy and think other people just need a push.

        Imagine how insulting it would be for a woman to say you’re not gay and she pursued you? If you want polygamy to exist, RESPECT monogamy.

        And what I want to know from this man is why in a PANDEMIC, he felt the need to MEET SOMEONE OFF OF AN APP! Did he not have trusted regulars nearby who have been tested to do it with? I am SURE he went and got tested with this murderer to protect his husband’s health, ROIGHT?

        Do you know how many LIE about being in an open relationship because they “didn’t want to scare me away”. So not only does your partner NOT KNOW, not only am I OUTSIDE of the rules you set, you don’t respect the 5% relationship you have, don’t respect me and certainly don’t respect yourself!

        And I KNOW your commenters don’t like reading so nobody had better reply with that “not all poly/open relationship”. BYE. This is MY TRUTH.

  1. I agree STILLA! I think it’s a weird time and shits crazy! Hooking up doesn’t even feel right to me, never been into it but I wonder…. was the BBC worth it? did they actually hook up? A story we may never get. I’ve heard hella horror stories on gay hookup apps and some still have me shook!

  2. Wow. I can’t even find a murderer on jackd. meetimg anyone would be ok at this point.. All I get is a litany of questions and demand for photos.

  3. So use to this, almost every guy I meet on grindr got a significant other “what new”. Now you not lying about taking a break from the app, just met a Brazilian dude who got the Brazilian strain and advised me he would be kosher after 12days. I’m like “I’m plenty good” and left me rethinking the possibility of any future encounters.

  4. I just saw an interview with a gay couple(Juan and Gee Smalls) who have an open marriage.I think they said their sex life was good for 2-3 years but then one(Gee) wanted a lot more sex and to do sexual stuff the other one(Juan) didn’t want to do or didn’t enjoy doing.

    They are in love,are best friends,business partners,etc…I think they have been married 13 years but after going to therapy for years they decided it would be better for their relationship if one of them went outside the relationship for more and/or different types of sex.One of them (Gee Smalls) wrote a book and in one of the chapters discussed their open marriage and how it came to be. I haven’t read the book so I don’t know how long their marriage has been open.

    I think every relationship/marriage is different and an open relationship may be the answer for a couple as long as both people are in agreement. Sex is only one part of a marriage,there is love,children,shared goals…

    Different strokes for different folks 😀.

    RIP to this guy

    1. I completely agree that there are many ways to make relationship work as long as its based on mutual understanding. The Covid-era just seems like a dangerous time for anonymous anything. But, lowkey, I’ve always been a teensy bit afraid of the apps. Anyhoo, I have Gee’s book on my nightstand but haven’t cracked it open. I’m a fan of the community work they do and hope to try their restaurant some day. Didn’t know they were open. Lemme get to reading….

    2. Sex is the most important part of a marriage tho. You can have love & shared goals with friends & family members. But you don’t fuck them. Gee should’ve figured that out before he got married.

      1. Sex may the most important part of a marriage/relationship for you.There are many married couples who rarely or never have sex and are quite content.Just like there are people, some identify as asexual , who are not interested in sex but they are in loving,happy relationships.

        Another thing that was discussed in the interview was that Juan had had a lot more sex and relationships than Gee.Gee had been married to a woman and had a son,I think Juan (don’t quote me) was his first relationship with a man.

        They say they fell madly in love, almost at first sight and that love probably was enough for the honeymoon period,first 2 years.But then Gee said he wasn’t sexually satisfied and they went to therapy.I remember them saying for Juan sex is 10% of the relationship whereas for Gee sex is 90% of the relationship.Gee wanted more sex and more variety.In the interview he said he is versatile but Juan isn’t.

        Well anyway if this open arrangement works for them.Awesome.

        BTW I don’t know if Gee is having extramarital sex now during the pandemic.

  5. Here’s the thing. there’s nothing wrong begin open or poly. However, what works for you and you and yours may not work for someone else. I’ve been around swingers, poly and open couples. It takes a special kinda crazy to deal with that. If it works, great. Though we need to stop acting as if it’s the only way. It’s not. Also even in those relationship types. There are rules and boundaries. At least there should be.

  6. Polyamory doesnt make sense to me because you’re putting your life in the hands of someone who has who has an outside relationship. Why would I live with and have someone on my insurance who is seeking companionship elsewhere? Isn’t that the point of a relationship to be exclusive with a partner in ways no one else is? How u pillow talk wit someone who Pillow talks to others? It’s just a messy lazy way to have a roommate/FWB

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