swizz beatz learns just how fake people can be even in death (dmx)

people i swore up and down would be in my life forever showed they were “fair-weather friends“.
the folks i looked out for,
checked in to see if they were good,
showed up to their events,
hooked up with shit,
and didn’t snitch on them when i was getting let go.

What friendship?
What loyalty?

i find cancer-born folks deal with this the most.
i don’t fight or argue unless it’s brought to me.
i’ve been fortunate to watch all those who hurt me experience karma they couldn’t escape.

my mother use to sell mary kay and she was really good at it.
she had a lot of products left after she died.
i kid you not,
the day after she died,
her “team leader” and her supposed “friend” came in my crib and took all her products to sell.
i don’t even think my mother was embalmed yet.

“Your mother would want this!” they said as they excitedly hauled all her shit in garbage bags.

folks move really funny out here and you learn it once you’re down or sick.
people around you learn just how people are when you die.
you know the family members who hoot and holler at funerals but ain’t never called when they were alive.
swizz beatz learned just how fake some of the people were around dmx after he died.
this is what he said at his memorial service at barclays in brooklyn via “yahoo“…

“I don’t want y’all to show up to my sh*t when I’m gone, unless you were showing up while I was here. I want to be sent off with the same love that I had when you were standing next to me,” said Beatz, who produced DMX’s hit song “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem.”

Beatz went on to say that he’s learned from the commotion surrounding DMX’s death. “The things that I’m witnessing from my brother’s passing, it was a big educational thing for me to learn. I’m glad I got to see it at this age,” he continued. “A lot of people ain’t your friends, a lot of people ain’t your family.”

In addition, Beatz warned those watching that they need to be mindful of the people around them and make provisions against those who would take advantage on them.

“I need everybody to do a will. You have to do your will. You do not want strangers, bloodsuckers handling your business when you’re not here. You want the ones that you love handling your business,” said Beatz, vowing to do right by his late friend and his loved ones.

now i agree with him 100% because some folks be trash,
but ima play devil’s advocate for a second.

for some people,
we don’t know when their last straw is with an addict.
as much as you are there for them,
you choose to step away for your own sanity.
we saw how dmx was acting when he was alive.
when he was good,
he was great.
when he was a mess

he seemed to have required a ton of energy some folks don’t have.
some people in the business aren’t your friends so that should be a given too.
i don’t know the people who were in dmx life.
some folks could be fake af,
but with other folks

Were they simply just tired?

did they fall out with him and chose to show their respects quietly?
if they showed up,
would people have been judging and wondering why they were there?

we’ll never know.

we don’t know what bridges dmx burned during his time here on earth.
it’s easy to look at all the good things someone did once they’re gone,
but we rarely hear about the other side that might have hurt others.
so it’s easy to call people out when you’re emotional,
but sometimes,
you never know the relationships others have that were damaged beyond repair.
they might not show up for them even in death.

article cc: yahoo

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “swizz beatz learns just how fake people can be even in death (dmx)”


    I’m sooooo sick of, when someone who had a addiction problem dies it’s the fault of the people who weren’t there for them, or the people who gave up on them!!!

    I am NOT wasting my life begging someone to put the pipe down at the end of the day it is a sickness and a CHOICE to continue to pick up the pipe!!!!

    Let’s stop praising these people in death just because they’re famous, yes let’s honor their musical work and art, but we should not be glorifying drug addicts as some sort of martyr. We should be teaching our kids NOT to end up like a DMX, Whitney, Mac Miller, etc.
    Instead our kids are doing these drugs to achieve the “GOAT” status and to fit in with that evil industry!

    & if you don’t agree I DONT CARE!!!!
    I SAID WHAT I SAID!!!!!!

    1. You sound very bitter and upset, is it because nobody in your life is celebrating you? This entire comment came off as insensitive and projective. Image everyone you know saw this post and you were to die today and they said “welp, he’s said some bad things and done some bad why should we give him a funeral” Learn to have some compassion and maybe one day you’ll get the compassion you desperately need.

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