when you’re a depressed pastor who is filled with anxiety, show off your big penis in “close friends” on ig

young and good-looking pastors make me nervous.
they often know the power they wield.
i’ve known many who use their looks to get more money out of their congregation.
and gay males,
will become groupies.
jamari fox stopped being fooled or impressed after all i’ve been through with church folks.
darnell barrett from “hillsong church” in jersey,
who is also married,
wanted to show off his workout goals.
he wanted to show off his big penis in “close friends” on ig to one of his church members…

A married pastor for Hillsong Church has resigned after being caught sharing photos of his bulging manhood on Instagram – just months after the head of the church’s New York City chapter was fired over his own sex scandal, DailyMail.com has learned. 

Darnell Barrett, a 32-year-old pastor for Hillsong in Montclair, New Jersey, stepped down from his role on Tuesday over an Instagram story he posted of himself last month wearing nothing but white Nike Pro tights.

The clergyman shared two photos of himself standing in front of a mirror after a workout, with what appeared to be his engorged member extending half-way down his thigh beneath his tights, in clear view. 

The eye-popping pictures were posted on Barrett’s ‘close friends’ story, which is only visible to followers he specifically selects, as seemingly motivational snaps of his apparent battle with ‘depression and anxiety.’

i like the word “engorged“.
*adds to mental dictionary*
these are the pics:

not to be funny,
but it looks like he has a juicy,
and engorged dick.

this is what he sent after he “accidentally” sent his thirst traps:

added to close friends “by mistake“,

let’s blame it on his depression and anxiety.
the vixen he violated decided to fire back with a response of her own:

i mean…

Is she lying?

this is what males do on social media when they want sex.
it’s called the “bait and switch” technique.
you bait with accidental thirst traps and see if it switches the “DTF” button on.
someone i know personally sent me his dick pic and shortly after sends a message:

I’m sorry!
I sent that to you by mistake!”

uh huh,
yeah okay muthafu…
darnell could have taken time to explain himself,
but he chose to resign.
that sounds like an admission of guilt to me.
according to “the daily mail”,
he said he informed his wife as soon as he sent the pictures to the vixen.
the vixen allegedly claims that darnell been allegedly trying to creep on her:

The woman, who is not being named, said she barely knew Barrett when she volunteered for Hillsong from 2014 to 2016, but claimed the pastor had reached out to her earlier this year saying he was heading to the state where she had moved.

Hey! I’m looking to come to [city] to the most isolated (and scenic) place I can find,’ he wrote her on January 13. ‘Do you have any suggestions?’

‘Oooo yes!’ she replied. ‘Ok like are you looking for places to stay? Areas to stay in? Places to visit?’

All of thee above, honestly,’ Barrett responded. ‘Haha. I’m looking to be odd the grid. Wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t have cell phone signal – but need a local liquor store,’ he added with a heart emoji.  

this is all game.
it sounds like darnell was trying to cure his depression and anxiety with pussy other than his wife.
he thought his engorged Godly meat would bring him closer to it.

lowkey: am i the only one who thinks “close friends” is stupid?
ya’ll think folks ain’t screenshotting and recording your “close friends” stuff to show others?

article cc: the daily mail

13 thoughts on “when you’re a depressed pastor who is filled with anxiety, show off your big penis in “close friends” on ig

  1. First of all it ain’t that damn serious. Everybody has sent a accident text before and possibly a accident thirst trap. At least he wasn’t naked. He didn’t send a naked picture like Deitric Haddon or Charles Jenkins. He was at the gym in tights. That’s normal behavior for a straight man of his age. He is fighting depression and dealing with it in a different way. He resigned possibly because of his depression. Some women get besides themselves and think everybody always want them when it could actually be what he said. Why battle and argue with you when I can just say ok if thats what you think, we will agree to disagree. You not gone tell me what I was trying to do when I came at you and told you it was a mistake. Christian people are the worst. The first ones to judge you but throw the bible at you and choose a scripture when they forget the bible also said only GOD judges you.

  2. If you’re a Christian minister feeling depressed and anxious, aren’t prayer and fellowship supposed to be the routes to address your problem (though psychological counseling would probably work best)? What does this have to do with working out at the gym in thirst-trap outfits that become thirst-trap pics?

    Also, don’t Christians believe in forgiveness? Couldn’t he have confessed his actions, and received atonement from his flock, even if that included some good reads from the women he creeped on? I think they cut him loose or made him cut himself loose because Hillsong is turning into scandal-central.

  3. Yo I like how she Broke all his shit down effortlessly! Lmao, Saw through the nigga like a glass door & let him know she ain’t wit the shit, I mean Come the FUCK on! Who was u tryna fool? You got on WHITE compressions with a damn semi to full erection, did u expect her to believe you was just sendin this to “close friends” we all know u ain’t sendin that to other men, so again who was u tryna fool 🙄

  4. He’ll be forgiven by the church and the woman will be blamed per usual…. but hey at least he ain’t gay 😥

  5. And yet I’M bussin’ the Gates of Hell wide open ’cause I gobble on a lil’ peen every now n’ then… LMAO

  6. Well,it could be either of the two,he might have actually added her mistakenly,I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, everyone is so judgemental these days. But I guess if more clergymen would show their humanity,they wouldn’t be judged so viciously whenever they err. At least he wasn’t sending it to an underage girl,plus I think his wife needs the apology more than the rest of us mere mortals,who’s perfect anyway.

    1. ^ i like to think if someone is innocent,
      they wouldn’t rush to resign.
      a simple apology would have sufficed.

      i think the context beyond the pictures are what incriminated him.

      1. A lot of things might have informed his decision to resign, including the negative press the church has gotten following the scandal at their New York branch, and the fact that he actually admitted that there has been infidelity in his marriage. It’s a good thing he’s resigning if you ask me,it shows he understands that such a position of spiritual authority comes with great responsibility and he probably isn’t fit to take that on right now,so it’s much better to manage your personal crises without the burden of being a moral compass for other people. I know of some pastors that are screwing their church members and have even been accused of rape, but refuse to step down or even apologize, and actually shame their accusers for speaking out(Google Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo),still presiding over large congregations,collecting copious tithes and offerings and holding crusades and are actually lauded by other more prominent clergymen.

    2. lmao…you’re better than me. What else could someone in tight ass compression pants be doing other than advertising their bulge? We know damn well it ain’t all about the abs or pecs!
      That was a straight up thirst trap shot…and as a MARRIED man-of-the-cloth he should know better.

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