joseline woke up and chose violence and chaos for aunt wendy

i fucks with this picture.
joseline whole aura >
i have soft spot for joseline hernandez.
she is one of the veterans of the “lhh” franchise i started (and ended) that show with.
you can count on joseline to be unapologetically herself.
on another side of the coin,
you can expect aunt wendy (williams) to be the same as well.
they are both alpha vixens who are who they are.

So you know when it was time for them to have a discussion,
it may come to verbal blows at some point.

joseline woke up and chose violence and chaos yesterday.
  she appeared on “the wendy williams show” to promote her show,
joseline’s cararet miami” on zeus,
and well…


when aunt wendy threw the flowers >

that was the part for me.
it was.
it’s interesting how joseline is flexing off her show,
but i keep seeing people on my twitter timeline dragged about her ignorance on it.

so without context,
folks will appreciate joseline for dragging aunt wendy,
but i like to look at things and people objectively.

Aunt Wendy been dragged before so…?

aunt wendy doesn’t care.
her “thing” is to stir up drama with celebs.
she has been doing this since the 90s so this is just another drag to her collection.
i’ve seen aunt wendy talk shit about everyone.
i’ve seen her verbally go upside taylor swift’s head on occasion.
i always thought she showed love to joseline so i’m confused where this came from.
did joseline forget she started out on “lhh atl” as the villain by sleeping with someone’s wolf?

like joseline,
aunt wendy is polarizing.
either you like her or don’t.
to me,
based on personalities:

These are both the same Pokemon type but different evolutions.

joseline is an unevolved tiffany pollard if we are basing it off personality.

joseline woke up with an axe to grind because she wanted the smoke off rip.
i like to ease into the smoke after the pleasantries are exchanged,
but i’m a different Pokemon type as well.
at the end of the day,
this drag brought more attention to aunt wendy and joseline.
it did what it was supposed to do so no one really lost and nothing was gained.

lowkey: joseline needs to realize that many other platforms won’t deal with her.
has she been on anything else to promote her show on zeus?

17 thoughts on “joseline woke up and chose violence and chaos for aunt wendy

  1. “These are both the same Pokemon type but different evolutions.” lol, Excellent.

  2. I think Joseline was mad at something else and took it out on Wendy.

    Wendy does have her crab in a barrel ways. She dogged Whitney OUT.

    Both NeNe and Joseline need to realize “being that b!tch” is dangerous. People can’t wait to see you get humbled. NeNe thought because of an appearance on Glee, she’d be taken seriously and look at her now.

    Joseline never even got Cardi’s success in music so not sure why she is as arrogant as she comes off. She is still broken from abusive Stevie J.

    It might be too late. They’re stuck in their ways but they both need an Iyanla sitdown before her show ends.

  3. What Caz said! How you gon come on somebody talk show about empowering women when you started out talking about the mother of your boyfriend’s daughter. “Hey maid.” Lets go back to the whole Reunion fight, she started. Then you turn around and try to promote a show where you do the same shit! Didn’t you just do a scene where you said one of the girls just had an abortion in your face. Now you want somebody who actually gave you a place to promote your brand and you start by trying to drag her, man you ain’t getting another interview anywhere in life. That’s why Cardi B will be the most successful woman to come from that brand. Instead of reviving people careers.

  4. Wendy dismissed Joseline so casually as she should have. This is a woman who spent years being verbally and physically abusive to other black women all while being the mistress to a toxic, bum-ass, gaslighting nigga. Every chance she got, she showed her entire ass in the most violent, hostile, and disgusting fashion on tv for a check and now she suddenly wants folks to treat her like she Issa Rae all because she’s in a position to exploit other broken, desperate black girls. Its the nerve and delusion, and gall for me.

  5. Joseline clearly still remains oblivious to the real world, ain’t no way that women has “the number one show in the country” from some low budget, still relatively unknown, company like Zeus. One of her young followers probably said THEY think it’s #1 and she misunderstood lol

  6. Stunt!!

    They both get a plug. We are here talking about it ,right?

    Some folks will seek out Joseline’s show on ‘”Soup” …er…. Huh ,,,,Opps…. I mean “Zeus”???.

    The rest of us wont’ pay the fee .

    It was good TV. Cheers to them both( Smile).

  7. OK–right thread. LOL

    The Pokemon analogy is fire. I’ll just add that Joseline did what you need to do to create some attention for yourself when you are mostly being ignored and you don’t want to drop down to street fights, etc. to get some play. She already went that route with her ex, Stevie J.

    Had she gone on Wendy Williams and been sweetness and light, no one would be talking about her or her show. I’m not saying she gamed this out, but in her own way, Joseline isn’t without some savvy. She has taken a low level of talent and some beauty, and parlayed it into a brand. A wack one at times, but it’s not like no one knows who she is.

  8. Jamari I love that analogy they are like Pokémons…Joseline then New York then Wendy 😄😆

    1. ^the way how wendy handled it shows why she is the professional of the two.
      i like joseline,
      but she isn’t the best person to articulate a drag against wendy.
      wendy ended up getting more publicity for this situation.

  9. Wendy is one of the few outlets that has given Joseline respect and a place to shine. However Joseline was delusional in this video. She think she’s this talented actress. You’re someone who got famous by accident. Humble yourself

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