they want “the girl in pink” dead to avenge the death of ma’khia bryant

there have been a lot of stories about ma’khia bryant since her death.
whenever i asked:

she was about to be jumped and she called the police…
Why did she go outside with a knife?”

no one can give me answers.
there was no bullying and there are other twists and turns within this story.
the girl in pink” is at the heart of this story.
she is the one that was about to get stabbed before ma’khia was shot to death.

i’m hearing she was innocent and has been receiving death threats

“But according to Fox 8, the woman Bryant appeared to be lunging at when police shot her was identified and doxed by people online. After her address and photo began circulating on social media, the woman reportedly told police she was receiving death threats.

Fox 8 reported that the woman, often referred to online as “the girl in pink” for the bright outfit she was wearing in the video, said people were telling her she “should be beat or killed” and that someone claimed “they were on their way to her current address to kill her.”

Many details about the shooting and the events leading up to it are still uncertain, though video of the woman in pink being escorted from the scene featured her saying that Bryant “fucking came at me with a knife.”

Bryant’s foster mother, Angela Moore, has said that the argument between Bryant and two of her former foster children, including the woman in pink, was “over keeping the house clean.” She also said that woman is the one who called her to tell her what had happened after Bryant was shot by police.”

i’ve been reading the girl in pink was allegedly completely innocent.
so everyone has decided to go the “cyberbully” route,
which i’m sure was under burner accounts.
girl in pink may have been innocent and traumatized,
but let’s send her death threats because that’s even better!
even if she was wrong:

What purpose is threatening to kill her gonna do for you?

get you in jail?
you’re an idiot.

ma’khia didn’t have to die,
but it seems as the stories come out,
she wasn’t as innocent as folks are making her out to be.
this situation was never a “complied with the police but was killed anyway“.
this seemed like some hood shit gone terribly wrong.
ma’khia’s family is riding the wave in getting publicity.
like i said,
she didn’t need to be killed BUT it seems she wasn’t innocent like other black deaths before her.

This is why we need context and the whole story before we get the pitchforks.

it’s okay to admit the victim might have been wrong.

article: daily dot

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “they want “the girl in pink” dead to avenge the death of ma’khia bryant”

  1. AMEN! There is too much here that doesn’t make sense. I agree that she could have been disarmed without killing her, but that’s the only thing I find certain here. Who was the man kicking one of the women in the head, anyway? The neighborhood looked so nice and peaceful.

  2. IMHO, it’s completely ok to admit that the victim was wrong, because she was. A 911 call comes in. Cop responds. He has NO idea who is who. There were no descriptions provided via 911. He pulls up to the address. People are yelling but nobody is getting physical. As the cop gets out of his car, the young victim lashes at a woman who was in from of him while brandishing a knife. The woman who is being attacked falls down. A man in a grey hoodie then kicks that particular female in the head – again, in front of the cop. Then the young victim charges at yet another woman (the girl in pink) while brandishing a knife. The cop has all of 9 seconds to react.

    The young victim would still be alive if she had self control or if the “adults” on the scene would have taken control. Did the cop have to shoot her 4 times in the upper body? no! But the young victim wasn’t just minding her business like a lot of the victims we’ve recently protested for. This is a different case that shows lack of control for everyone involved.

  3. It doesn’t change the fact of what happened the lessons to be learned here is we need to stop being violent with each other and parents need to do better as well.

  4. This was over a cleaning issue. I bet one of those girls advised her of a feminine odor problem. Iop some women get really upset over hearing such news.

  5. What irritates me to no end is how young black teenagers are always described as as MAN and WOMAN in these stories while white people well into their twenties are ALWAYS described as ‘kids’…. I know it’s not you Jamari but these ‘media’ outlets have to do better….. as for the story, it’s sad all the way around.

    1. Thank you, I was thinking the same thing. The article kept saying “woman in pink” and I am thinking… Wasnt she a minor too?
      This point is so important, because it speaks to how black people lose there childhood and become adults in the eyes of society much faster than other people. It allows us to be mistreated and treated more harshly because we are “born grown”.

      Would the cop have shot less or used something less lethal is he saw the victim as a child instead of an adult?

  6. So let us be honest and have the conversation.

    First, there is a difference between what’s legal and what is moral/ethical. The shot that the officer took in this case may very well be legally justified at the end of the day, it’s still a bad shot. It ultimately worked out for the girl in the pink since she wasn’t injured but if I’m the girl in the pink I don’t want that officer to take that shot, most people including officers are bad shots, I wouldn’t want to be trying to dodge a knife and bullets at the same time.

    If we take it a step further, I kind of agree with DJ Envy’s comments from the breakfast club. As a black man in America with black friends and family with a sense of community, I’m not taking that shot. People are being dishonest, the cop again could legally take the shot but he is not legally obligated to take that shot and he has full discretion on how he chooses to intervene in a situation like that (i.e. tasers, batons, takedown techniques, etc.); and we as the public have a right and a duty to critique his actions.

    I think a lot of people are uncomfortable because deep down inside I think we believe a couple of things to be true as black people. Don’t misunderstand me I know full well there are some bad black officers out there but I feel that if a similarly situated officer comes to the scene meaning a black male 26-year-old army veteran responds to this bawl ma’khia Bryant would still be alive today.

    Let’s take it one more step and be honest for all this talk of protect and serve and saving a life if instead of 16-year-old Ma’khia you had 16-year-old white girl Molly with blonde hair coming at me a black man with a knife, do you honestly think that officer is taking that shot….. I don’t think so. That officer would let me get stabbed (unless you are in custody you are always responsible for your own defense). Again, don’t misunderstand me, I think I get stabbed they administer first aid and call me an ambulance, they disarm Molly and she is arrested and taken to jail where she would get due process.

    Race plays a factor at every level of this conflict and it’s so frustrating to see everyone act as if they care about anybody; Ma’khia or the girl in the pink. Collectively black life is undervalued in our society, it just makes us uncomfortable to acknowledge that every life is weighted differently in a first-world nation.

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